Despite the occasional downpour, the British summer is well underway. Here at YouK’s HQ, we have been talking about the various things we will need over summer, so we decided to see if YouK could fulfil all of our needs to come up with the ultimate YouK summer wishlist!

I would like to sample some new summery gins from the ‘Flavoured Gin’ section on YouK. There are so many great artisanal gins made in the UK, so it would be great to try some new ones in the summer sun!

YouK has a range of over 500 British made gins! Whether you’re into flavoured and fruity gins or classic London Dry and navy strength gins, YouK has the gin for you. And obviously, you need to find the perfect tonic to pair with it.

Our suggestion is Beefeater Pink Gin. It’s a blend of London Dry gin with natural strawberry flavouring giving a fruity blend of juniper, citrus and sweet strawberry. Beefeater gins are distilled and produced at the Beefeater Distillery in Kennington, London.

“I’d like to get myself a new road bike so that I can travel and explore the UK countryside.”

Mercian Cycles is based in Derby where they are committed to hand building bespoke bicycles. They have a range of frames and bikes to cover road, touring, racing and track cycling with prices for a full bike starting at around £2,000.

Mercian Super Vigorelli 725

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, British Eagle bikes are designed in Scunthorpe and London for cyclists on a budget who just want a good bike they can reply on without spending too much money.

British Eagle Onyx

“I am looking for a portable speaker to take down to the beach and the park with my friends.”

Our favourite speaker at the minute is Gomi’s portable, bluetooth speaker. Proving that waste is valuable, they have designed and crafted portable speakers made from flexible plastic waste, such as plastic bags, deemed “non-recyclable” simply because it costs more to process and recycle this material than what the material can be resold for. Their products are all made in England from their headquarters in Brighton.

Gomi Bluetooth Speaker

“I’d really like an air dehumidifier to cool the house down in summer and help with my hay fever!”

Ebac are one of the only companies manufacturing dehumidifiers in the UK. They have a strong guarantee policy and their dehumidifiers start at £189.99.

Ebac Dehumidifier

I’m going on a few short trips and want a spacious, waterproof rucksack that will fit in everything I need for a weekend away.

With over 50 results for rucksacks on YouK, there is a lot to choose from! Trakke specialises in waxed canvas backpacks, messenger bags and accessories for travel and adventure. Inspired by and made in Scotland, these high-quality bags are built to last.

Trakke Assynt Backpack

Made in South Devon, the Tanner Bates rucksack is based on a traditional Spanish design. Popular in rural farm supplies shops in Andalucia, their simplicity is enchanting.

Tanner Bates El Campo Daybag

“I have 3 weddings to attend this summer, so I’m looking for a fascinator I can wear with different dresses.”

If you’re looking for something bespoke or small headpieces with beautiful feather details, take a look at Holly Young who creates her headwear from a workshop in Cornwall.

Holly Young Loretta Fascinator

“I’m redesigning my garden and I’d love a new barbecue for hosting friends.”

Chicken Shed Creations are a definite conversation starter. Made in the UK, they offer an artistic yet functional take on portable BBQs, making some of the most unique BBQs on the market.

Chicken Shed Creations Thwaites Dumper BBQ

If something on your summer wishlist isn’t on ours, why not make your own? You can make your own lists on YouK by creating a profile and clicking on the ‘Saves’ button on the menu bar. All you need to do is complete a search and add the products and brands you like!