Perhaps you are already convinced to make your shopping a bit more local? After all, the environmental benefits are huge, and it’s so good for local communities and jobs. And it’s not just for food – there are thousands of local UK brands – many that you won’t have heard of as they don’t have a huge marketing budget!

Buy Local- reduce your product miles.

Local can mean 10 miles away, or it could mean from anywhere local in the UK!

The YouK webapp has a unique feature – see all local brands nationally, zoom in on any area, filter what’s there and click through to any brand or product that takes your fancy. 

Here is just a tiny sample of what you might find on YouK:

Dawson Denim

Dawson Denim is based in Brighton and Suffolk, they are really cutting up some radical denim designs and knitwear made for 100% UK worsted 5-ply wool.

The Artful Bear

The Artful Bear teddy bears are designed and made in Fife. Each bear (or bunny!) is absolutely unique and of a quality designed to be handed down the generations. Maybe even upcycle an old coat?

Quella Bicycle

Quella is based in Cambridge, where they design and make their beautiful bicycles. They make virtually any combination of frame and components, with individual finishing and painting.

Celtic Herbal

Celtic Herbal of Conwy in Wales, design and produce natural and holistic products for the bath, skin, baby and home.

Corrymoor Mohair Socks.

Corrymoor Mohair nurtures a herd of organic angora goats and merino sheep in the wild beauty of East Devon, weave the fibres, and knit socks to original designs. The result? Durable and comfortable socks you can tell people about.

Noble & Wylie

Noble and Wylie Handcraft shoes in vegan or leather alternatives. Utterly unique designs delivering affordable shoes made to your measurements.

Visit YouK and check out your local area here!

Boost Your Local Community with the Multiplier Effect!

Buy anything Local
The people you buy it from spending profits locally
Other local businesses benefit
People start more local businesses
More people buy something local….