We are thrilled to announce the inaugural winners of the YouK Awards for 2020.

YouK is the world’s first resource allowing consumers to identify local brands. Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to make a huge difference to the environment and sustainability of UK jobs and public services.

The YouK Awards are a celebration of the brands contributing to the local economy, reducing their impact on the environment and boosting the manufacturing industry in the UK by producing goods locally.

Each year, YouK presents the following awards to UK brands.

  • YouK Food & Drink Award
  • YouK Innovation Award
  • YouK Sustainability Award

A brand may excel in one or all of the following areas to nominated for an award.

  • Commitment to sourcing local ingredients and components.
  • Commitment to UK design.
  • Commitment to UK manufacturing.
  • Commitment to producing exception quality goods in the UK.
  • Commitment to supporting UK-based charities and initiatives in the local community.
  • Commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

YouK Food & Drink Award

The YouK Food & Drink Award celebrates exceptional quality food and drink and the use of the best quality local ingredients.

Atlantic Distillery

Atlantic Distillery is Cornwall’s only Soil Association Certified Organic Spirits producer. They produce hand-crafted, small-batch Gin, Vodka & Liqueurs using organic botanicals, many of which have been grown on their smallholding, or wild harvested across Cornwall. Their spirits are distilled on a traditional copper bain-marie pot using their own drawn water.

Their fantastic range of superior quality, eco-friendly spirits now includes 10 gins, 3 liqueurs and 2 vodkas.

Cocoa Mountain

Cocoa Mountain blend the finest cocoa with fresh Scottish ingredients to make their extraordinary Highland chocolates in Balnakeil, Scotland. They use as many organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible and are members of a local food producer’s initiative. Cocoa Mountain’s guiding principle is to avoid the use of artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives; their chocolates are also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, with lactose-free and vegan options available.

Cocoa Mountain considers themselves to be one of the most geographically remote chocolate producers in Europe and feel that the beauty of their surroundings should be reflected in the quality of their products. Their love of nature extends to their ethical credentials. They compost their waste and reuse or recycle glass and paper waste where possible; they also use low energy light bulbs and monitor their energy use. The custom-made chocolate box is made from recycled card and customers can reuse or recycle it.


Brewgooder produces craft beer with a difference. Their quality beer, which is made in Ellon, Scotland using British malts, aims to bring clean water to 1,000,000 people across the world by donating 100% of their profits to clean water charities. So far, they have impacted 64,748 lives and aim to achieve their target of 1 million by 2025.

Not only are Brewgooder a B-Corps and a Living Wage employer, but their commitment to sustainable practices is also commendable. By weight, around 98% of their packaging is recyclable, to varying degrees of ease. Their cans are infinitely recyclable as is their cardboard packaging which they switched to last year, saving around 200,000 plastic holders from either landfill or the sea.

Brewgooder beer has a clean profile with lemon, floral and lemongrass notes and a malty biscuit base.

Nutcrafter Creamery

Nutcrafter Creamery handcraft exciting organic and plant-based food using high quality, ethically grown ingredients. Their mission is to cultivate and spread a healthier and balanced lifestyle through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct that is forever considerate to our planet and compassionate to all living beings.

Their exquisite artisanal plant-based cheeses and butter alternative are Organic Soil Association certified, meaning that all of their products are produced without synthetic fertilizers, conventional pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering (GMO’s). By supporting organic trades, Nutcrafter Creamery contributes positively, not only to the environment but also sustain ethical work practices.

Hawkshead Relish Company

Hawkshead Relish Company are a family business from Cumbria and began their business during the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001. Tourists were told not to visit the countryside, resulting in a devastating decline in the hospitality industry in Cumbria, including the family café behind the Hawkshead Relish Company. So, they decided that if people couldn’t come to the countryside, they would bring the countryside to them!

Hawkshead’s products are so successful because they use only the best use quality ingredients that add to the flavour and you can really taste the difference in the quality. Additionally, their products are still made by hand using traditional open pans and are free from nuts, gluten, additives and preservatives as well as all being suitable for vegetarians and most are vegan-friendly.

Hawkshead Relish Company offers you a true taste of the Cumbrian countryside and adds a boost of flavour to out the best in any meal!

YouK Innovation Award

The YouK Innovation Award celebrates an exceptional commitment to and innovation UK design, engineering and manufacturing.

Crown Hockey

Crown Hockey designs and manufactures their own hockey sticks in the UK and aims to push forward innovation and technology within hockey equipment.

Whilst 90% of the world’s hockey sticks are manufactured in Asia, all of Crown Hockey’s products are manufactured in the UK, primarily in Reading. Crown separate themselves from the rest of the hockey world by innovating the manufacturing techniques used to produce sticks, instead of depending on marketing and graphics to compete in the crowded market.

Crown Hockey have innovated the manufacturing process, creating unique technology and using materials sourced from F1, automotive and aerospace suppliers. Their hockey sticks contain aerospace grade foam and precision wall thicknesses, meaning they have no air bubbles, fold or kinks which occur in traditionally manufactured hockey sticks. Their characteristic dimples increase the overall surface area of the stick, which creates a greater distance for any vibrations to disperse over, resulting in fewer vibrations felt by the user.

The Crown Hockey stick is at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Community Clothing

Community Clothing is revolutionising the logistics behind clothes manufacturing. Community Clothing aims to make excellent quality affordable clothes for men and women, to create great jobs for skilled workers and by doing this help to restore real pride in Britain’s textile communities.

The UK clothing industry faces intense competition from cheap labour markets and changes in seasonal demand. For several months of every year many UK factories are operating below full capacity. Community Clothing was launched in 2016 to utilise the space capacity in these quiet periods. They fill their partner factories year-round and help ensure these great factories remain in business and currently work with 19 factories and key suppliers in the UK. Importantly, they don’t just want to save them; they want to see them thrive.

GRN Sportswear

GRN Sportswear manufacture and design high performance, sustainable and ethical sportswear. They are changing the face of sportswear by using materials recycled from plastic bottles and old fishing nets, and sustainable bamboo.

GRN Sportswear clothes are manufactured at their mill in Nottingham, then printed and cut at their factory in Leicester. Their super-soft bamboo fabric is made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that doesn’t require pesticides and uses less water than cotton to grow.

Ecovero is a Viscose, in the same way as Bamboo, so it has the same soft feel. It’s derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process by meeting high environmental standards, ECOVERO™ fibres tailor to a sustainable lifestyle, contributing to a cleaner environment. GRN’s jersey fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is mechanically recycled from a bottle into a yarn which is then woven into fantastic fabrics.

Amaiz Swimwear

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Amaiz is leading the way in inclusive activewear by offering more coverage and style to the world of swimwear. Traditional swimwear styles don’t work for everyone, so Amaiz is bridging the gap between a bikini and a burkini to ensure every woman feels comfortable and confident when she wears Amaiz.

Amaiz’s limited-edition swimwear is crafted in the UK using the finest Italian Lycra to create swimwear that lasts. This fabric has been carefully handpicked for its high performance, excellent quality and longevity. So say hello to impeccable shape retention and high chlorine resistance meaning you can enjoy your swimwear for years to come.

Innovation isn’t always about technology, sometimes it’s about thinking of different uses for a product, or developing a product so that it is more inclusive. Amaiz’s innovative collection offers more swimwear options so that each and every woman can feel comfortable and confident in or around the water.

Black Cow Vodka

You may think that vodka is a simple potato-based spirit, but Black Cow beg to differ. Black Cow vodka is made in Dorset using surplus milk products from the dairy process and nothing else. They were inspired to make vodka when considering the amount of waste produced during the cheesemaking process. 

The milk, which comes from grass-grazed cows, is separated into curds and whey; the curds are used to make cheese, the whey is fermented into a beer using a special yeast that converts the milk sugar into alcohol. This milk beer is then distilled and treated to a secret blending process. The vodka is then triple filtered and finished, before being hand bottled. This fresh whole milk base results in an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character.

Strikingly packaged and brilliantly British, Black Cow Vodka is a must-try for all spirit enthusiasts.

YouK Sustainability Award

The YouK Sustainability Award celebrates an exceptional commitment to sustainable practices and developing innovative solutions to benefit the planet.

Beeswax Wrap Co

Made in Gloucestershire, the Beeswax Wrap Co’s wraps are the perfect plastic-free alternative to cling film and tin foil. They are an incredibly accessible way to reduce plastic waste in the household and transition towards a zero-waste lifestyle. It will keep cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, baked goods, herbs, fermented foods such as kombucha, kefir, rising doughs and anything else you want to use them for, nice and fresh! The wraps last up to a year, are biodegradable and are made from GOTS certified cotton.

The Beeswax Wrap Co. are a certified B Corps and a living wage employer. They also support charities such as Surfers Against Sewage and offer vegan options. One of their key missions is to support the British bee population. Globally, we have seen a dramatic decline in our bee population due to the use of pesticides and loss of habitat. Bees are vital to our existence and if we don’t care for them and ensure they have healthy and clean places to build their hives we will all be in trouble. Beeswax Wrap Co. supports The British Beekeepers Association as they support British beekeepers all across the UK.

Beauty Kubes

Relatively new to the beauty world, Beauty Kubes has created an innovative range of plastic-free shampoo bars. Each box of plastic-free shampoo Kubes is packed with natural, hair loving ingredients and gentle cleansing agents.

With Beauty Kubes, you don’t need to buy plastic bottles, and all of the ingredients are biodegradable, meaning your environmental impact is limited to the length of your shower. Beauty Kubes are organic, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made in Cornwall.

Eat Sleep Live

Eat Sleep Live design and manufacture wooden furniture using reclaimed British wood. Established in 2004 by Mark Godsell-Fletcher, they aimed to provide an alternative to flat-pack furniture that is sustainable, affordable and high quality. Mark saw the need for a more personal approach to creating unique furniture that will last a lifetime.

Though any wood is considered to be a sustainable material, it still takes many years to grow a tree. Re-using the wood that was cut many years ago and has been in use in a previous life is a great way to stay sustainable with your furniture choices. Even better, reclaimed wood won’t weaken as it’s been already proven over the years; the timber will only get better with the passing of time. Each piece of Eat Sleep Live’s furniture is passionately designed and lovingly handcrafted by Eat Sleep Live’s craftsmen in Nottingham.

Eco Wood Rings

Eco Wood Rings make lovingly crafted rings from salvaged and sustainably sourced materials. They are alternative engagement rings and wedding rings for people that like to do things a bit differently.

The wood used by Eco Wood Rings has been salvaged, recycled and sustainably grown. Their metals are also recycled, but they also use Fairtrade certified gold or silver on request. Any gemstones are recycled or fairtrade.

Eco Wood Rings are committed to producing natural, ethical jewellery with the least impact possible on the environment. The brand was founded in 2010 by forest lovers and hippies at heart, Laura and Steve Sutherland. Running a business that makes planet-friendly choices whilst helping others do the same is central to their mission.

Plastic Free Pantry

The Plastic Free Pantry was born from the view that 2025 is not soon enough to quit plastic, that scenes of litter-strewn beaches are far too common, and that trash is ending up in the oceans, inside wildlife, and inside us. Plastic Free Pantry is taking action against plastic now by offering whole foods and pantry staples such as rice, pasta, dried fruit, beans, and lentils in paper or home compostable plant film, with no plastic in sight.

Plastic Free Pantry has prevented over 41,696 pieces of single-use plastic being bought compared to if people had bought the same items in typical packaging. They help to clean up communities by offering a 10% discount in exchange for picking 10 pieces of litter and have helped over 1,872 people find plastic-free alternatives for everyday food and household items. The social enterprise reinvests any profits into expanding its range of plastic-free produce to provide more plastic free options to their customers.

YouK Awards 2020 Press Release