Glow is a Social Enterprise pioneering a new expression of ethical athleisure accessories. They champion style, safety and social impact.

The athleisure brand produces a range of accessories including snoods, scarves and beanies for adults and kids. Easy to wear and stylish, Glow’s accessories are perfect for commuters, dog walker, runners or anybody in between. Moreover, the wool is a luxurious wool and acrylic blend that is exceptionally soft, breathable and suits hyperallergic and sensitive skin.

The athleisure brand has innovative light reflective fibres woven into their wool. The high-vis yarn remains relatively invisible until is in direct light, meaning the knitwear functions first as an attractive fashion accessory and secondly as a practical, safety item.

Glow was born as a response to the lack of simple staples available for the fashionable cyclist. The brand’s founder, Comet Chukura, started cycling a little over 10 years ago and one winters night, having come to terms with the notion that it was impossible to be safe and stylish on a bike, she began to think about ways to integrate simple day to day style into high-vis products and had a eureka moment.

However, developing a stylish, functional range wasn’t enough. Comet wanted to start a brand that was about redeeming fashion and honouring the makers in the process in the same way that we honour other craftsmanship. Having witnessed the lives of women who are poorly affected by the system and struggling to make the most of their talents, Comet also wanted to create direct Social Impact in her hometown of London. Knitwear that looks good, feels good and does good. 

Glow’s collection is handmade by women from typically ‘marginalized’ backgrounds and communities. Simply put, they enable low-income households and pay women to make the range in their spare time. They start with women who have the basic knitting or crochet skill and teach them the patterns for our collection in weekly meetups. It’s quite a slow process, to ensure the garments are high enough quality, but it is a collaborative learning process, and once they are able to create seamless pieces Glow then pay them to make as many pieces in the range as they’d like.

Be aware that a cup of coffee shouldn’t cost the same amount as any single item of clothing in your wardrobe.

Comet Chukura, Glow Founder

Fashion-forward, functional products alleviate the need for consumers to purchase several sets of clothing for daily activities such as walking a dog at night or jogging. It gives you one less thing to think about when leaving the house and allows the flexibility to feel safe jumping on a bike or walking home on an evening as you know you can be seen in the dark.

Comet’s top tip for those who want to stay stylish but want to be more conscious with their spending is to shop around and don’t be drawn in by low prices on goods. Be aware that a cup of coffee shouldn’t cost the same amount as any single item of clothing in your wardrobe. For larger items, choose to think about the process of creation. Choose to engage with the truth that human beings made them and ask yourself: what would you honestly pay that person for their time if you were confronted with them and not so far removed from the making process?

Glow Athleisure Snoods

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