Ecological brands are undergoing explosive growth in the UK. From Sheffield to Derry, Newquay to Aberdeen, new brands both big and small are positively fizzing with original ideas and innovative products. 

Vibrant eco-packaging, natural products, recycled materials, slow fashion; it’s all here, designed and made in the UK – further reducing product miles!


Buy long-lasting and high-quality garments that look great season after season. Cut down on throw away wasteful items and also save money in the long run.

Corrymoor Mohair Socks

Nurture a herd of organic angora goats and merino sheep in the wild beauty of East Devon, weave the fibres, and knit socks to original designs. The result? Durable and comfortable socks you can show off.

Corrymoor Mohair Socks Devon Stripes, £15.50.

Buffalo Systems

Buffalo began life in a small workshop in Sheffield and now produces some of the most respected long-lasting outdoor wear available. Buy quality kit and explore the great outdoors time and again.

Buffalo Systems Alpine Jacket, approx £210.

Big Wild Thought

Big Wild Thought is another Sheffield clothing brand with an innovative ecological edge. Shop for shirts, bags, rucksacks and sweatshirts. All with the motif of an endangered animal you would like to support. What’s it to be? The matching charities that benefit range from sloths to elephants, bumblebees to orcas. As well as their charity angle all of their packaging is fully recyclable.

Big Wild Thought Endangered Animal Sweatshirts, £33.

Celtic & Co

Celtic & Co garments and footwear are crafted solely from natural fibres and materials, inspired by the Cornish landscape. Timeless pieces are crafted to last a lifetime; elegant, often understated, always beautiful, for the discerning woman of all ages.

Celtic & Co Sheepskin Box Jacket, £765.

Household Products

One of the simplest ways to be more ecological – tackle your repeat buys!

Beeswax Wrap Co

Begone clingfilm! Beeswax Wrap Co make food wraps in Gloucestershire with the help of West Country busy bees. The perfect plastic-free alternative, they last for years and are biodegradable. Their Small Kitchen Pack is a great way to try them out.

Beeswax Wrap Co Small Kitchen Pack, £10.

Friendly Soap

Yorkshire based Friendly Soap produce just that – rich, high lather, hand-made, biodegradable, cruelty-free, vegan, no parabens, SLS phthalates or triclosan. And have tried shampoo in a bar form before?

Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar, £2.75.


Delphis manufacture ecological cleaning products in the UK for laundry, bathroom, kitchen and general cleaning purposes. Supplying businesses such as Sainsbury’s, their products are tough on dirt, kind to planet and health, and cruelty-free.

Delphis Bathroom Cleaner, £4. Shower Cleaner, £4.

Home Furnishings

The UK is home to a huge range of high-quality furniture makers. Buy lasting solutions that are stylish and ecological at the same time.

Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks, mattresses designed in Leeds and made in the UK. They use natural materials from their own farm; flax, hemp, wool from their reared sheep, and titanium rods from British Steel. Putting people to sleep for 170 years!

Harrison Spinks Mattress ranges.

Eat Sleep Live

Eat Sleep Live design and manufacture wooden furniture using reclaimed British wood, creating unique furniture that will last a lifetime.

Eat Sleep Live Branson Sideboard, £890


Silentnight, have made beds and mattresses in Lancashire for 7 decades. Carbon Neutral, their Eco Comfort range is made from recycled plastic bottles. Check out their upgrade offers, free delivery and more.

Silentnight Eco Comfort Breath Mattress, from £409.

Personal Care

Natural and ecological brands are bursting with creativity across the UK. Many brands already have dedicated followers, and these three are certainly making waves. 


ishga, based on the Isle of Lewis, make organic skincare products from Hebridean seaweed, with local natural spring water used to extract beneficial compounds and natural enzymes. All life originated in the sea!

ishga Hydrating Hand Cream, £29.50


Georganics of West Sussex makes plastic-free oral care products from local natural ingredients. Look after your teeth and the environment. Changing your habits for something you repeatedly buy is a great way to change your footprint.

Georganics, Natural Toothpaste – Activated Charcoal, £6.90

The Natural Beauty Pot

Natural Beauty Pot, Fermanagh, take a back to basics approach for their skincare range for men and women, using only natural plant and mineral ingredients. Treat dry and dehydrated skin with their facial oil with jojoba, and apricot.

The Natural Beauty Pot, Apricot & Jojoba Facial Oil, £18.00

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