Most of us have heard of Dry January, whether from a friend taking part in the news or maybe you have just come across it on social media. Avoiding alcohol for the first month of the year, it does seem like a healthy and sensible idea? But, where did it originate, what is it all about and what are the best British drink options for Dry January?

Dry January Origins

The first official Dry January was launched way back in 2013 and had 4,000 people taking part. Since then the movement has grown and morphed into an international fundraising event and in 2020 around 4 million people took part.

Alcohol Change UK's Dry January Campaign
Alcohol Change UK, registered charity no. 1140287

Over the years there have been studies conducted to look at the effects of Dry January on the participants. These studies have proven a number of long-term physical, psychological and social benefits. These include 70 of people sleeping better, 86 people saving money and 65 people reporting improved general health. Why Do Dry January, Alcohol Change UK).

So, whether you are taking part in Dry January to raise money for charity, take on a challenge or improve your health, there are a great number of UK drinks companies making fantastic Dry January drink options.

Best British Drinks for Dry January

Dry January is always refreshing at the start, it’s easy to avoid a beer or glass of wine in the aftermath of Christmas excess, but as the month rolls on it can become more difficult! However, there’s no need to worry as YouK has a huge number of tasty alternatives to beer, wine and spirits that will stop you from slipping up!

Dry January not-spirit from Stryyk


Stryyk started creating their zero-proof drinks to provide a great tasting alternative to spirits on the market. Their range includes Not Vodka, Not Rum and Not Gin.

Each “not-spirit” has been carefully created and distilled to provide a zero-alcohol alternative with as much thought and care as their alcoholic cousins.

Buy Now: STRYYK Not Rum, £17.75

Dry January cocktail option from Funkin

Funkin’ Cocktails

Funkin’ make a range of products that allow everybody to recreate delicious bar quality cocktails at home. Skip the alcohol, add the garnish and you’re ready!

Make your zero-alcohol cocktail fun and exciting with their Cocktail Shakers. Choose from cocktail mixes including Bramble, Piña Colada, Mojito and Passion Fruit Martini.

Buy Now: Funkin Bramble Cocktail Shaker, £5.50

Dry January alcohol-free cocktails from Stryyk and Funkin.

Strykk * Funkin Cocktail Bundle

Strykk and Funkin’ have come together this Dry January to provide you with the perfect alcohol-free cocktails.

Create your very own Passion Fruit Martini by mixing 1-part Stryyk to 2-parts Funkin’ over ice. Then sit back and enjoy!

Buy Now: Stryyk Not Vodka * Funkin Passion Fruit Martini Mixer, £18.99

Cracker drinks company juice selection

Cracker Drinks Co

Founded in 2005, The Cracker Drinks Co. crafted a range of fruit drinks that are completely natural which never use artificial additives, colours or preservatives.

You’ll be just as excited about their apple, mint and lime juice as you would be about a mojito!

Buy Now: retailers such as Ocado and Waitrose.

Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Dry January beer


Adnams, based in Southwold Suffolk, is a farm brewery and distillery. They use their own grains to brew their globally-known beer.

Ghost Ship 0.5% is a low-alcohol alternative. It has the taste and aroma of their popular Ghost Ship 4.5%, but with almost all the alcohol removed! Perfect for Dry January. 

You still get to experience that famous citrus kick and smell lovely lemon and lime, when occasion or preference dictates less alcohol.

Buy Now: Adnams, Ghost Ship 0.5%, £10 8 x 500ml Bottles

Soda Folk Root Beer

Soda Folk

If you’re looking for something a bit different, Soda Folks make a range of traditional American sodas, like Root Beer and Cream Soda.

We love their Root Beer which is made with a mix of extracts including organic vanilla, cane sugar and pure malt syrup.

Buy Now: Soda Folk, 8 Cans Root Beer, £8.99

Ilkley Brewery Virgin Mary alcohol-free beer for Dry January

Ilkley Brewery

Ilkley Brewery is an innovative brewery based in Yorkshire. Their Virgin Mary is an alcohol-free Pale Ale based on their Mary Jane Session Ale. It is packed with flavour, low carb, low calorie and alcohol free.

Try their alcohol free alternative this Dry January and support a local brewery at the same time.

Buy Now: Ilkley Brewery, Virgin Mary, £15 (12 Bottles)

London Essence Ginger Ale

London Essence Co

London Essence Co. makes a range of stylish tonics and sparkling drinks. They make their drinks using traditional distillation techniques and their ginger ale will see you fizzing your way to the end of Dry January!

Browse their range of sodas, tonics and gingers to find an exciting new alcohol-free favourite.

Buy Now: London Essence Co, Ginger Ale, £0.95 per bottle (20cl)

Brewdog Dry January alcohol-free beer


If you’re after an alcohol-free beer that doesn’t compromise on taste, look to BrewDog’s Nanny State. This Dry January safe beer combines speciality malts and North American hops, sending bitterness to the brink and back.

Brewdog has a range of alcohol-free beers to choose from including Punk AF, Elvis AF, Lost AF and Nanny State. Their alcohol free range contains all of the flavours that Brewdog is renowned for, but none of the alcohol.

Buy Now: Brewdog, Alcohol Free Mixed Pack, £17.25 (24 cans)

Ugly Drinks Lemon & Lime drink

Ugly Drinks

Rehydrate with a little sparkle. The Ugly range of flavoured sparkling water is packed with flavour, is 100% natural and contains no sugar or sweeteners. What is not to love?

Why not try them this Dry January, they could be a new favourite. Their flavours include Lemon & Lime, Cherry, Peach and many more.

Buy Now: Ugly Drinks, Variety Pack, £23.99 (24 cans)