Having a family BBQ or a social distanced picnic in the park this summer? We have put together a list of fantastic UK made drinks for you to try. From spirits such as Classic Gin and Spiced Rum to soft drinks including Sparkling Water and Fruit Juice, the UK has a fantastic range of innovative and exciting drinks brands. Discover new flavours from exciting British Drinks companies this summer.


The UK has hundreds of distilleries located in every corner of the country and in recent years there has been a boom in newer craft and micro-distilleries. New and exciting flavours and spirits are joining the UK drinks scene too, check out the selection of UK Rum or UK Vodka. We have selected various spirits for you to try this summer, some are perfect on the rocks and others work well in cocktails or with mixers.

Baller Vodka, from Dog House Distillery, is a wheat vodka made from scratch at their distillery in London. It is a versatile spirit with hints of vanilla and mint and works great in a Vodka Martini. So when you are mixing up your vodka cocktails this summer be sure to try Baller Vodka.

The Lakes Classic Gin is a flavourful and delicate gin distilled using only a few botanicals. They recommend serving the gin over lots of ice with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of grapefruit; why not try this refreshing gin and tonic combination this summer!

Dark Matter Distillers were the first Rum distillery in Scotland and have been experimenting and innovating with flavours and technique since their distillery began production in 2015. Their Spiced Rum opens with fiery ginger and peppery spice on the palate, with sweet undertones of caramel and biscuits. Rum is the perfect summer spirit, enjoy it with a mixer, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Aber Falls Distillery is the first Whisky distillery in North Wales since around 1900 and is bringing back whisky distilling to the area. While they work on their Single Malt Whisky expression they have released a range of gin and gin liqueurs. They list several cocktails recipes on their website that you can make using their gins. We are particularly looking forward to using Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger gin to try a refreshing Rhubarb and Ginger Mule.


There is nothing better in the hot weather than a cider. It’s refreshing sweetness and cold bubbles are satisfying and delicious. Although cider is associated with traditional English Cider, we have a vast range of British ciders.

Tempted Irish Cider was originally established in 2009 and after a successful first few years, they won a Gold Award at the National Irish Food Awards. They moved to a new cidery in county Armagh where they craft their cider using the highest quality local Armagh Bramley apples. Their range includes Sweet, Dry, Medium Dry, Strawberry and Elderflower Ciders and we can’t wait to try a chilled bottle of their Elderflower Cider this summer.

Hallets Real Cider use traditional cider making techniques with the addition of some winemaking methods to create their cider. They use oak barrels to age some of their ciders, creating intense and new flavours. Their Real Cider is made by blending new and aged cider to create a delicious, sparkling apple cider.

Thistly Cross Cider is based in East Lothian and they have been making Scottish cider since 2007. They make all of their ciders with locally crowdsourced apples, hand-pressed on site. Thistly Cross has created an innovative range of ciders, adding a unique Scottish twist with their Whisky Cask Cider.

Lilley’s Cider is a family-run brand based in Somerset. They have a vast range of ciders, from traditional apple cider to more experimental flavours such as Tropical Cider and Mango Cider. Why not try some of their exciting flavours this summer, you can order directly from their website and enjoy their ciders from home.

Soft Drinks

The UK’s selection of soft drinks and juice has always been strong, with traditional fizzy drinks in glass bottles acting as a reminder of summers past. Recently, there has been an increase in small brands who make craft soft drinks using healthy, local fruit and veg. We have selected some of our favourites we recommend you try the summer.

Belvoir Fruit Farms have been making cordials and fresh juices since 1984. They continue to infuse, press and cook fresh flowers, fruits and spices, before blending them with local spring water to make delicious, award-winning, drinks. Their vast range of cordials, mixers and juices are the perfect summer drinks.

Cawston Press is on a mission to change the way we think about fizzy drinks. They use all-natural ingredients, fresh-pressed fruit and no added sugars or sweeteners. Their innovative flavours are inspired by a summer garden. A personal favourite is their Sparkling Rhubarb, it is blended with sweet Apples and sparkling water and is deliciously refreshing.

Dash Water is made from just three simple ingredients, British spring water, wonky fruit and vegetables and bubbles. DASH is doing what they can to reduce food waste and use unwanted produce to create their tasty drinks. Up to 40% of fruits and veg grown in the UK goes to waste. Perk up your picnic this summer with cans of DASH Cucumber, Blackcurrant, Raspberry or Lemon water.

Summer House Drinks use ingredients grown in their walled garden in Aberdeenshire to create their delicious natural drinks. Their soft drinks fill a gap in the market for hand-crafted, delicious, natural, non-alcoholic drinks. Their St Clement’s Orange & Lemon is a refreshing summer drink best enjoyed while in the outside in the sun.

The Cracker Drinks Co started in 2005 and are passionate about creating fresh, healthy and tasty blended juice drinks. They have experimented with flavours blending unusual, but complimentary, combinations. Try some of their exciting flavours and one serving counts as 1 of your 5-a-day.


British Beer is a huge, booming industry. With the rise of hundreds of craft breweries across the country and the introduction of different styles of beer, there are hundreds of British Beers to choose from. Read more about the Importance of Beer in one of our previous articles.

Mat Cat Brewery is a small, independent micro-brewery in Faversham. The father and son duo are passionate about creating new and exciting Real Ales. Their Ales can be found in various shops, pubs and outlets across South East England.

Fallen Brewing is a small brewery in rural Stirlingshire, Scotland. The brewery is based in a refurbished railway station and runs on 100% renewable energy sources. Their range includes a variety of styles and their modern interpretations of classic style have proved popular. Get their exciting beers delivered directly from their webshop.

Fourpure Brewing Co is a South East London based craft brewery. They are a leading independent brewery and continue to fulfil their mission of making great craft beer accessible to beer lovers across the country. Their Easy Peeler Citrus Session IPA is a refreshing citrus Ale and according to Fourpure “sometimes a 4% pale ale, sat in the sun, is what you need…”, we couldn’t agree more.


Most people think of France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand or maybe Argentina when you think wine. However, England has a fast-growing wine industry with some fantastic wines. Why not try some English wine this summer, a bottle of fizz or maybe a Rosé in the garden.

We have picked out a few bottles perfect for the summer months. Carr Taylor Bacchus is a dry white wine with a fresh palate with hints of kiwi and crisp green apple. According to Tinwood Estate, their Sparkling English Rosé has a delightfully fruit-driven palate, best enjoyed on a Summers evening. Bolney Estate, Lychgate Rosé is an award-winning English wine, it has a refreshing palate of red fruits with undertones of vanilla.

Mixers & Cordials

Many of us spend time picking out the perfect, hand-crafted gin, probably in a stunning bottle we plan on up-cycling into a candle holder. But when it comes to tonic we should be taking the same care, especially as around half to three-quarters of your gin and tonic is the tonic! Thankfully there has been a recent boom in craft tonic and mixers, we have put together a list of our favourites for you to try.

Luscombe Drinks make their range of tonics, juice drinks and fizzy drinks using high-quality organic ingredients. Their tonic water is made from local Devon spring water. They have a range of flavoured tonics you can try with your favourite spirits.

Just The Tonic describes itself as “no-nonsense, Scottish tonic water that’s clean, crisp and allows the gin to sing”. It sounds like the perfect accompaniment to our summer gin.

Jeffrey’s Tonic started after experimenting in a kitchen with homemade tonics and flavours. After perfecting their recipe they created a range of Classic Premium Indian Tonic Syrups. Use their syrups in a G&T to add some extra flavour, or in water to create a delicious sparkling juice.

Bon Accord was founded in 1903 and recently has been re-invented. Their drinks are naturally sweetened using honey, coconut nectar and lots of delicious fruit juice. Use their Tonic Water to elevate your Gin and Tonic, it has less quinine than traditional tonic water and is designed to complement craft gins.

Double Dutch are passionate about creating exciting, new and tasty drinks. Their versatile mixers work well with a range of spirits, are perfect for cocktail making or even having them on their own as soft drinks. Their limited edition Rhubarb & Pineneedle expression, made with locally sourced rhubarb, looks like the perfect mixer to try this summer.


Many people love the taste of beers and cocktails but want to avoid alcohol. Here are some fantastic, delicious and summery low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks.

Stryyk Not Gin is a delicious non-alcoholic alternative to traditional gin, made from a combination of juniper, basil and rosemary. It works perfects in a Not G&T or use it to create your own alcohol-free cocktail. Big Drop Brewing Co have created a range of alcohol-free beer. Their Paradiso is an alcohol-free IPA that radiates citrus fruit, perfect to enjoy in the sun. Funkin‘ make a range of cocktails and ready-made cocktail mixers. Their pre-mixed Mojito is a perfect alcohol-free summer drink which comes ready to enjoy.

Read our Dry January article if you want to see and learn more about low and alcohol-free options.

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