How differently the world looks from just a few days ago! While we all cope with the current realities of everyday life there is one thing that we can all do that will help – shop local, shop UK

Our society depends on farms, fishing harbours, manufacturers and UK businesses small and big. Without them, there are no jobs, no income, no money for schools and hospitals. 

Now is the time to support them – and at YouK we will be concentrating on providing as much helpful information as possible over the next few months.

The 4 Levels of Local

Einstein said that everything was relative, and so it is with what it means to be local. Here at YouK we believe all ‘levels ‘of local are important!

  • See it: Can you look out your window and see it? Obviously, food from your garden or a bakery or dairy next door is the ultimate local. 
  • Walk, bike or bus to it: Farms, factories, clothes manufacturers, natural cosmetics, beer. For most people in the UK, there is a wide range of really close options, and they employ either you or your neighbours!
  • Regional: more complex products and foodstuffs might have a source in your city, county, or adjacent counties. Regional specialities abound still – shoes from Nottingham, tools from Sheffield, fish from Peterhead. (There are 158 shoemakers in the UK!)
  • National: it is often said, “we don’t make anything anymore”. That is not supported by the facts. See for yourself in the world’s first complete searchable database of a whole consumer economy – the UK’s.

All of these ‘locals’ need our support now, more than ever, and everything is on YouK.