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Get involved in the YouK Campaign. You can support UK jobs, reduce your environmental impact, and help fund our public services, all by making more “made in the UK” choices when you shop.

Imagine that you are joined by millions of others doing the same – the impact will be enormous! This is the YouK campaign: for thriving businesses, stronger local communities, reduced dependence on imports, lower product miles, your money kept in the UK, and a growing economy that can afford better schools, hospitals and social care.

YouK aims to give you all the information you need to decisively shop UK for any type of consumer item.  It is then up to you to buy retail, online, farm shop, fresh fish direct, or anywhere else.

YouK is all about connecting UK consumers to UK businesses.

  • A unique YouK Scoring system measures “how UK” everything is.
  • Find every UK brand that makes any type of product: ginger biscuits, yarn, brie, hybrid bikes, world-class sparkling white, rugby scrum machines, headache tablets, toasters and stilettos.
  • Shop by your values and lifestyle: vegan, local, plastic-free, women entrepreneurs, organic and many more. Filter product types by your values and location at the same time! The nearest maker of plastic-free health and beauty products.
  • Browse, filter, search, see what’s around you anywhere in the UK on a map. Find the nearest solution for what you want.
  • View and filter UK promotions which are updated daily. Featuring large and small brands, all types of products and covers every part of the UK.

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We publish a monthly newsletter, and if you choose to tell us which types of products interest you most we will also send occasional emails notifying you of relevant UK deals.

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Simply using YouK to find UK options for your shopping is the number one thing you can do to help change the UK. There are many other ways you might help:

  • Tell your friends
  • Suggest or write an article
  • Comment on brands or products
  • Follow us on Social Media
  • Share any articles or posts

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YouK has some 95%+ of brands and products by value, and we are constantly updating and adding to our information. If you know of a missing brand or product let us know and it will typically be added within 24 hours.

YouK News

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We are passionate about UK brands, and we publish a wide range of articles to support them.

Search through our various categories and find articles about environmental issues, topical themes such as UK fishing, industry reviews such as brewing, natural skincare brands, the joy of localisation, and much more.

YouK adds some fun features from time to time, for example try our Random Gin Generator. Pick at random one of 713 bottles of UK made gin!

The YouK Team

YouK is a private development by a small team of enthusiasts who live in different locations around the UK. It was founded in Edinburgh by Derek Poots. It does not make a profit, but some brands pay a small commission for introducing customers, which we hope will enable us to continue to fund the campaign!