Buy direct – support our small brewers

The pubs have fallen silent. The UK’s pub culture is the envy of the world, but even before this latest blow many pubs were struggling with high costs and tax. We can’t support pubs just now, but we can do something to protect the whole system – buy direct from local brewers across the UK.

Small Breweries

Small breweries have reacted well to the current crisis. When the pub keg market was suddenly closed, it presented a massive cashflow problem. Supermarkets were still open, but that market isn’t traditionally strong for most small brewers, so they have turned to the direct retail market as the main game in town.

Many breweries have set up or expanded free local delivery services, and many will ship to anywhere in the UK. Some brewers have stopped their keg-production lines, but generally, there is no shortage of beer of all types. Supporting local breweries is great for local communities, and helping to support local jobs has never been more important.

Image: Wiper and True

Session IPA

Session IPA is highly popular with those who want all the taste, but in a beer that’s not too strong – typically 3.5% to 4.3% ABV.

YouK has 339 local breweries across the UK that make 12 different types of IPA, from Double to Milkshake, and 154 of these breweries make a specifically designated Session IPA.

Local Beer

Beer is one of the most natural and sustainable products imaginable, and in the UK we have beers with history, depth, innovation and variety aplenty. 

Locally brewed beer has added advantages: it doesn’t have far to travel, which is good for your carbon footprint, and there is most likely a brewery near you with free delivery.

What are you waiting for?


The most popular UK beer, maybe you would like to discover some different lagers from around the UK? Search through the offerings of some 250 breweries offering over 12 types of lager, from Steam Beer to Black Lager.

Image: Purity Brewing Company

A Potted History of Brewing

The 1530s – Historically beer was produced in abbeys, but the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII in the late 1530’s sparked the creation of the modern brewers. 

1698 – Shepherd Neame, centred in the great hop growing area of East Kent, was incorporated.

1760 – London breweries adopted a new-fangled device – the thermometer. 

1814 – Eight people were killed in the London Beer Flood on 17th October, when Meux & Co’s vats burst in a chain reaction and some 323,000 gallons of porter flooded the nearby slum dwellings in St Giles Rookery. One of the 8 died of alcohol poisoning.

1887 – Bass was the largest brewery in the world, brewing 1 million barrels and shipping all over the world.

1971 – The Campaign for Real Ale was founded, promoting a return to cask ales.

2002 – A tax cut for small brewers led to an explosion of small breweries. The UK has the greatest number of breweries per capita in the world!