YouK & The Environment

YouK is the world’s first national consumer products web app, containing approximately 95%+ of everything made in the UK.

Knowing where products come from informs our purchasing decisions. The more locally our goods are produced, the better it is for the environment as the manufacturing and delivery processes involve less transport, packaging and waste.

Reduce your Product Miles

50% of the food we eat travels an extra 450 to 11,000 miles to your plate. Buying seasonal and locally grown produce reduces the amount of fuel burned during transportation. We’re not asking you to stop buying bananas, but to be conscious of what you buy comes from and choose local where you can.

For example, the UK currently exports “around 75% of fish caught and landed in the UK, but we’re the ninth largest importer of fish in the world, with around 70% of the seafood value entering the UK fish supply chain coming from overseas” (MCS UK). Why purchase imported fish when buying fresh, locally caught fish supports the local fishing industry and protects the environment?

Reduce Waste

UK manufacturing is renowned for quality. UK brands produce quality pieces that stand the test of time. Instead of buying a cheap, mass-produced jumper made from plastic fibres, choose an investment piece made with biodegradable wool, made by a local brand with quality customer service. This jumper will outlast the poorer quality jumpers you would throw away and replace each winter.

Reduce Packaging

When goods are produced, the raw materials arrive in packaging, often from overseas. Individually wrapped products are grouped and packaged together for shipment to the retailer. In order to be protected for shipment to the destination, the products are then wrapped in larger boxes, often with padding or waterproofing, before being loaded onto containers and shipped across the world.

Consumers and businesses discard excess packaging when products reach their destination. It takes resources and energy to produce packaging. Moreover, the most popular material is single-use plastic, limiting recycling options. Choosing to buy from a local producer eliminates the need for so much packaging and your reduces your environmental impact.

Buy Local

YouK encourages everybody to localise their purchases! Buy ‘UK local’ for manufactured and designed goods, and by county, region, or fishing village for local produce. 

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