The Environment

How does using YouK to help you make purchasing choices reduce your impact on the environment? 

The simple answer is localisation. This means that the more locally your goods are produced or manufactured, the better it is for the environment. 

There are three key factors which support this:

Product Miles:

The total distance produce is transported from its place of production or growth to its place of consumption.

The Guardian article Miles and miles and miles explains this in greater detail. It is based on research by Robyn Lewis, Felicity Lawrence and Andy Jones.

If you lower your Product Miles, you lower the amount of fuel burned to get your stuff to you! 

Connection with our environment

The more we eat locally grown, caught and produced food, the closer we are to achieving sustainable production. 

Foods that grow naturally in any given environment do the least damage to that environment. 


Excess packaging is wasteful. It takes resources and energy to produce packaging. The packaging is often single use and pollutes our environment.

Shipping goods over long distances uses more protective packaging, and that packaging is less under the control of our lawmakers.

YouK helps you to identify products which have been made in the UK, from materials produced in the UK.  

We encourage everybody to localise their purchases! Buy ‘UK local’ for manufactured and designed goods, and by county, province, region, farm, fishing village and field for local produce. 

Want to know more? So do we! Environmentalists, researchers, innovative companies and campaigners are all invited to contribute their thoughts here.