This summer our holidays may look slightly different from what many of us are used to. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and make the most of the weather. We have put together a list of various summer essentials to help you enjoy activities including Camping, Walking & Hiking, Cycling, and Surfing.


Whether you are lucky enough to get outdoors into the wild this summer or are camping in your back garden enjoying the long summer nights; YouK has a fantastic range of brands that have all the essentials you’ll need.

Alpkit have a range of tents to suit all adventures. This is their Elan Free-standing hooped bivvy bag, is perfect for multi-day back-packing or bike-packing.

The next essential on the list is, of course, a sleeping bag. Snugpak’s Softie® Expansion sleeping bag is a great option; it packs down small and has innovative features including internal pockets, adjustable length and a built-in LED torch.

The Ghillie Kettle Company hand-make their traditional camping kettles in the UK. Using the kettle to make your meal is an exciting adventure in itself. Whether you are making a meal in the wilderness or cooking with your kids in the garden, try using their Explorer & Cook Kit.

This classic 90s Berghaus Rockstar Rucksack is a fun, colourful and sturdy rucksack that will fit all your adventure essentials. Whatever you are doing this summer, exploring the city, the great outdoors or preparing for adventures after lockdown, this Berghaus bag is for you. 

Walking & Hiking

Walking and hiking is a great way to spend some time outside and exercise; strolling through your local park, or hiking in the wilderness. After many of us have spent lots of time stuck inside during lockdown the option to get outside feels even more meaningful. So lace up your walking boots and explore some new outdoor spaces.

Although it is Summer here in the UK the weather can never be trusted, so when heading out walking and hiking this summer you will need a reliable jacket.

Sub Zero have a range of waterproof, showerproof and down jackets perfect for any adventure. The Sub Zero Lightweight Insulated Down Jacket, pictured, is great value at only £85 and is the ideal extra layer.

walking boots, summer activities

Good walking boots and shoes are a necessity when exploring the great outdoors, from keeping your feet dry and comfortable to supporting your ankles as you hike over unstable ground.
Anatom design and test their boots in Scotland. Their Q2 Classic Hiking Boot is designed for all your walking and hiking needs.


Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors this summer. From bike-packing adventures to exploring local cycle paths, learning to ride to hitting the trails, make sure you have the right kit and enjoy!

UPSO make their range of bike luggage with up-cycled material, including tarpaulin, and other local materials. Their ethically manufactured bags are stylish and functional, perfect for all cycling adventures. Pictured: UPSO Potters Pannier.

Podsacs are a rucksack and luggage manufacturer that has developed an affordable and durable range of bike-packing bags. They have a full range of bike-packing bags to get you kitted up for your first outing. Pictured: Podsacs Handlebar Bag.

Endura cycle kit, summer cycling

Endura make a range of cycle kit for hardy road cyclists, urban commuters, mountain adventurers and everyone in-between. Their products are all designed to perform in tough conditions and to look stylish while out riding.

Image: Pro Lite S/S Jersey, Sunrise.

bikes, cycling activities

The UK have an incredible range of brands when it comes to bikes. Classic city bikes, road bikes and gravel bikes, whatever you are looking for YouK has over 65 bike brands to choose from.

Top Left: Shand, Stoater Bike.

Top Right: Jorvik Tricycles, Adult Folding Tricycle.

Bottom Left: Saracen, Manta Trail.

Bottom Right: Islabikes, range of kids bikes.


Summer and swimming go hand-in-hand. Whether you are at the beach, in the paddling pool or wild swimming, make sure you have the best swimwear to enjoy the water. And stay safe.

summer men's swim shorts

Bellfield design all of their mens clothing in their studio in Shoreditch. Their modern design and understated value mean their summer swim shorts will look great from the beach, to the city and beyond.

Check out their range of eye-catching swim shorts and grab yourself a pair.

summer kids swimwear

Frugi are an award winning brand that have developed a range of fun and versatile children’s clothing.

Their kids swimwear is perfect for the summer, it is fun, playful and protects from the sun. It has a UPF 50+ rating, allowing you to relax while the kids enjoy the water. Sun Safe Set, £28.

summer women's swimwear

Batoko swimwear is made from recycled plastic waste, intercepted before headed for landfill and our oceans. Not only are their suits ethical, their vibrant, summery and flattering.

Head to their website and check out their fantastic range. Enjoy your new suit guilt free, knowing they are ethically made.


When you mention surfing many people think of tropical beaches in Hawaii and French Polynesia, or maybe the Australian coast, but the UK has some great surfing spots and fantastic brands making. You can read about some of the UK’s Best Surf Staycation Spots in a previous article and we have selected some of our favourites UK surf brands to help you kit up for the summer.

When surfing in the UK a wetsuit is almost crucial. Neon Wetsuits are based in Newquay, a big surfing town in Cornwall, and they have designed a range of simple and effective wetsuits for everyone. Their Andras Spring Suit, pictured, is a great summer and spring suit designed to have full mobility and keep you warm whilst enjoying the waves.

Dryrobe have created a product that allows people to stay warm and get changed anywhere. Their Advance Long Sleeve design provides full-body coverage and plenty of space to change. Enjoying watersports in the UK does come with the occasional drawback – the weather, and Dryrobe allows you to warm up, get changed and stay happy after your water-based adventure.

SkinDog Surfboards design and make high-quality surfboards. The team at Skingdog have a huge amount of surfing experience and can help you pick the right board for you. Check out their range and whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro they can help you create the perfect board. RockSUPs image credit: Oliver Edwards.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is fast becoming one of the most popular water-sports in the UK. It is fun, safe and can be a great work out too. RockSUPs are a Bristol-based brand that handcrafts their boards using only wood, glue, fibreglass and a fin box. Get yourself a SUP this summer and explore the waterways near you.


Bouldering has seen a drastic rise in popularity in recent years with climbing gyms popping up all over the UK. This is partly due to the accessibility of bouldering, you do not use expensive harnesses and ropes, and you do not need a big rock face.

One thing you might need when practicing your skills outside this summer though is a safety mat. Alpkit offer a range of Bouldering Mats made in their UK factory. Stay safe while pushing yourself and perfecting your line.

summer climbing clothing

Climbing can be harsh on your clothes, they need to be durable, comfy and stretchy! 3rd Rock is a fantastic brand that has developed a range of climbing-wear which combines function, style and respect for the planet.

3rd Rock, Titan Highline Leggings are made from repurposed and recycled plastic and their vibrant patterns ensure you look great on the rock, at the gym or anywhere in between.

Climbing gyms have been closed recently and with travel restrictions in place outdoor climbing has not been possible for most of us either. But fear not, you can still train and keep your climbing muscles ready for adventure. Crusher hand make a range of wooden climbing holds and boards in Lancashire.

Their Send Portable Hangboard is a perfect, lightweight, transportable hangboard made from quality Ash Wood. It is ideal for training and warming up wherever you are.

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