Ideas for stay-at-home hobbies, activities and garden based fun.

It looks like some of us have time on our hands, so what are we going to do with it? Picking up a new hobby or craft might be an option, and certainly, anyone with children will need absorbing activities. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a garden for exercise or games? 

YouK brings you a few ideas and selects a few UK companies that can help with supplies. 


This can give us three benefits in one: exercise for the body, fresh air and light for the mind, and potentially even a lettuce or two. Whether you have already started or not, consider supporting UK companies for accessories and tools. 

Arts & Crafts

All ages enjoy being creative, particularly when the weather isn’t so good, or venturing outdoors is not possible. Simple and cheap options include drawing, painting, calligraphy, macramé and sculpting.


From ages 6 to 96 knitting can be a joy. Relaxing, even mindful, the worries fade away and you can even enjoy the end result. Start simple, or for expert knitters, tackle that complex pattern that you always meant to!


Indoor or outdoor, time-proven exercise regimes are perfect to keep us fit. It.s easy to get kitted out to help make that time special. 


You have watched all the TV Series, now get in the kitchen yourselves and show them what you can do. Stage a family cooking competition and pick someone to be the judge!

Garden Games

Simply great fun for all the family. Keeps those budding sports stars sharp, and everyone loves a competitive family game!

(garden) Camping

 If there is enough room in the garden, take the kids on an adventure they will remember forever. Burnt sausages and lumpy ground to sleep on – bliss.



Whether learning guitar or digging those old albums out from the loft, music is one of the greatest ways to relax available.

Redecorating & DIY

OK, it’s not a leisure activity as such, but there is exercise involved, and you can get a fantastic end result.

For more Leisure opportunities browse YouK.