The “buy cheap, wear once, throw away” fashion is, itself, in decline. Cheap clothes are rarely high quality, and since they don’t last long they are often poor value. And the environmental cost is huge – making and disposing of garments burns up resources – but wearing them doesn’t! With 100 billion items of clothing bought a year the benefits of reducing this through our shopping habits are enormous.

According to a recent Spare Room (.com) report around one in five 18-34 year-olds buy new clothes several times a week. And of those surveyed, only 44% consider the environmental implications of their shopping habits. To reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion, consumers need to consider the impact of their shopping behaviour.

One option is to consider investing in high-quality items that last longer- slow fashion! UK clothes designers and garment makers are a great place to start, they often use recycled and local natural materials. Treat yourself and the environment!

We have put together a list of some great Slow Fashion brands that you will find on YouK, making small changes can have a big impact.

Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing, a London design house, thoughtful designs in natural, organic and recycled fibres.

Guido Organic Cotton Trench Coat, Sale £55.

Nancy Dee

Nancy Dee design and make their clothing in the UK, mainly using a mix of natural, sustainable, up-cycled and organic fabrics.

Neve Jumpsuit, made from reclaimed 100% Lenzing viscose, £95.

Kitty Ferreira

Kitty Ferreira is based in Canary Wharf. Elegant garments made from upcycled UK materials, in a huge range of sizes.

Collarless Cruelty-Free Silk Shirt, £199.


Seasalt design all their clothing in Cornwall, practical and long-lasting classics inspired by the west country land and seascape.

Bowsprit Jacket, Sale £79.95.


Rapanui make clothes from natural materials, using renewable energy. When an item is worn out – send it back and they recycle it into new products!

Men’s Organic Cotton Flannel Shirt, £50.

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Spare Room- The Shocking Truth About our Fast Fashion Obsession