Plastic is everywhere, and it’s a huge pollutant. Litter strewn fields and beaches are far too common, and wind and river bourn rubbish is ending up in the oceans, inside wildlife, and inside us. 

Plastic burns, however, left on its own it is virtually indestructible. A plastic milk bottle top stuck in a crevice on Ben Nevis will still be there for your ancestors to find in 3020.

Single-use, or simply unnecessary plastics, are the worst culprits. The good news is that many UK companies are coming up with very innovative solutions.

If everyone makes an effort to reduce their plastic waste we can make a big difference.

Here are some great YouK Plastic Free brands that will help you to make simple swaps.

Beauty Kubes

Beauty Kubes is a YouK favourite, they take the plastic out of hair shampoo. The cube crumbles with a little water into a paste that smooths onto wet hair. Not only is there no plastic, or plastic packaging, but they are also organic, biodegradable, cruelty-free – and made in Cornwall. Try them out!

Beeswax Wrap Co

Cling film is single-use and creates a huge amount of plastic waste, so what else can we use to keep food fresh? The beeswax Wrap Co make wraps in Gloucestershire with the help of West Country busy bees. The perfect plastic-free alternative, they last for years and are biodegradable.


Why not try toothpaste and mouthwash without the plastic tubing, or, next time you buy a tooth-brush you could try a plastic-free one. Georganics make a range of natural oral care products in Sussex, with such tactile delights as a bamboo toothbrush. They also make activated charcoal for a deep clean and oral hygiene experience.

Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet have a range of plastic-free water-soluble sachets for all those household, kitchen and bathroom cleaning jobs. Based on a refill concept, you can reuse existing spray containers, or go for a glass one.

Friendly Soap

Yorkshire based Friendly Soap produce just that – rich and high lather cold-pressed soaps with a list of features longer than your arm – hand made, biodegradable, cruelty-free, vegan, no parabens, SLS phthalates or triclosan. And of course no plastic.

Paper Straws London

Paper Straws London, a family business, makes 100% natural straws. Food safe and non-soggy, there is no reason to ever use plastic straws again.