It’s easy to join in the organic revolution this September, and indeed any other month! It is better for us, and better for our environment. And local organic products made in the UK are better still.

‘Organic’ is a system of farming and production that uses various methods to deliver benefits across the whole food system, from people to planet, plant health to animal welfare (Soil Association). Some examples of the system include avoiding the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives.

It is not only food that can be organic, but other everyday products such as skincare, clothing and cleaning materials. Anything can be certified, as long as the input materials meet the high standards and requirements set.

Is Organic better?

According to the Soil Association Organic farming helps to create a healthy, living soil that is more resistant to drought, floods and consequently the impacts of climate change. Organic farmers select crop varieties with natural resistance to particular pests and diseases to reduce disease problems and the need to use chemicals. The system of farming and production looks to sustain our environment over the long term and prevent damaging eco-systems and depleting resources. By supporting organic producers and brands we are helping contribute to a sustainable future.

In short, if we all make simple and small changes we can contribute to sustaining our future environment. Here are some simple swaps, from UK brands, you can make in your everyday life.

skin and tonic organic skincare

Skin & Tonic

Skin & Tonic is a small skincare brand based in London. They are committed to only using gentle, certified organic, fresh ingredients that benefit the skin, reduce sensitivities and support health.

So, next time you are changing your skincare products why not make the swap to organic and try Skin & Tonic’s products.

beebee wraps- organic food wraps

BeeBee Wraps

BeeBee Wraps make a range of fun and exciting kitchen food wraps. Their ethos is to make planet-friendly alternatives to every day products.

This simple kitchen swap is an easy alternative to cling-film. Not only are they organic but they are re-usable and much better for the environment.

Atlantic distillery- organic gin

Atlantic Distillery

Atlantic Distillery is a Cornish distillery that makes delicious spirits, with a twist. All of the botanicals they use in their spirits are 100% Organic. Many of the botanicals are grown at their distillery and some are sourced from wild landscapes across Cornwall.

Next time you fancy a drink, why not pick an organic spirit. It is an easy swap and you can enjoy your favourite tipple knowing it has been produced ethically.

DAME organic period products


DAME is a leading ethical period product company. The many taboos around menstruation and period products led to a lack of innovation in the industry. This is thankfully changing now. DAME make 100% natural, organic cotton tampons that are fully biodegradable and they have many other ethical products.

They are a certified B-Corp and a Carbon Neutral company. So, head to their website and make the switch to these ethical period products.

Hidden Stag tshirts

Hidden Stag

Choosing organic cotton is much better for the environment; it creates less CO2 waste, uses less water, and there are no harsh and polluting chemicals used (Soil Association). As such, choosing organic clothing can have a big impact, and is a simple change to make.

Hidden Stag makes stylish, adventure inspired, organic t-shirts that are hand-printed in Edinburgh. Next time you are out adventuring and enjoying the outdoors make sure you are not wearing clothes that have harmed the environment whilst you enjoy it!

Naturalmat, organic mattresses and beds


It is easy to think of fruit and vegetables as organic. But what about household products such as mattresses? We should still be considering the nature of the materials sourced for such products.

Naturalmat is a Devon based bedding company. They make their range of mattresses, mattress toppers and beds using only the best organic materials. For example, they source Organic Lambswool from local, Soil Association certified, West Country farms.

Next time you are replacing your mattress, bedding or mattress toppers consider making the simple switch to a brand such as Naturalmat.

organic sinkcare for men

Mount Purious

Mount Purious hand make their range of men’s skincare in County Durham. They formulate their products and are mindful to only chose the best quality, ethical and organic ingredients.

Over the years men’s skincare products have not always has the same value and care when being formulated. However, that is no longer the case. Mount Purious lovingly produce Organic, Cruelty-Free and Vegan friendly products.

belvoir fruit farms lime and soda

Belvoir Fruit Farms

Belvoir Fruit Farms have been making a range of delicious fresh cordials and fruit drinks from their family farm in Lincolnshire.

The family planted over 90 acres of Organic elderflower in 1995 and they continue using it to this day. In recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of organic drinks as consumers have become more health-conscious. Belvoir has added more drinks to their range to keep up with demand and you can head to their website to see a selection.

Kite Kids Clothing

Kite Clothing

We are careful about what our kids eat, the health and personal care products they use and we should be conscious of the clothes they wear. Kid’s clothing brand Kite Clothing makes a range of fun, colourful and organic clothing.

Their clothing is inspired by their stunning Dorset surroundings. Protecting the environment is a core ethos of Kite. As a result, all of their garments are made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles or fabrics approved by OEKO-TEX. Visit their website and browse their range of exciting kid’s wear.

Clipper Tea


Clipper Tea produces a range of organic teas. From trendy infusions to the original black tea, you can find it all. They are 100% committed to being organic as they believe not only is it better for the environment but it makes better tasting tea.

Switching to organic tea puts pressure on the industry to change. More organic tea sold equals more organic farmers, which is better for humans and the environment. Browse Clipper’s range and try an old favourite or pick a new interesting flavour.

Hodmedods organic broth mix


Hodmedod’s is an award-winning brand that source and sell British grown pulses and grains. They work with various farmers to source top quality produce. Many of the products they source are less well-known and have fallen out of our regular diet.

Sometimes eating organic grains and pulses can be intimidating. Where to start? How to cook them? Hodmedod’s have a vast array of recipes and food inspiration to help you make the switch to organic produce. Browse their range of delicious, nutritious, healthy and organic produce on their website.

How can I shop Organic?

If you are looking for more examples of organic brands and products our YouK web-app is a fantastic resource. It has a whole feature that identifies UK brands with various certifications including Organic Soil Association and GOTS. You can browse and shop these brands according to specific certifications or select the ‘See All’ option and filter the results according to what you are looking for. For example, you can browse all UK based Organic Skincare brands.

Make simple, everyday swaps now and help to support the Organic movement and sustain our future.

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