Made in the UK

What does ‘Made in the UK’ mean in the context of a modern global economy?

Sometimes it’s obvious. We can grow food in UK farms or eat fish landed by the UK fleet. For other products, there may be a complex mix of where the raw materials come from, design location and manufacturing location.

But there hasn’t been any way for consumers to assess what is ‘made in the UK’ for everything they might buy – until now!


The YouK Score system assesses three key features:

1. Input Materials

Are the input materials of UK origin?

  • YouK scores UK inputs very highly for products such as food or car engines, but less so when the input is a smaller part of the finished goods, for example, leather in shoes.

2. Design

Design is a key component of many modern products, and it can come in a number of forms such as creative design, research & development or innovation.

  • YouK scores design highly whenever there a company employs numerous highly paid and specifically skilled people in the UK. For example, over-the-counter products made by pharmaceutical companies with extensive R&D facilities in the UK, or design houses producing high fashion clothes or shoes.

3. Manufacture

The manufacturing location of a product is the most obvious component of the YouK scoring system.

  • YouK scores the quality and extent of manufacture. This ranges from basic assembly of parts made elsewhere to products being wholly made in the UK.
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Did you know?

  • Sales, Service and Distribution jobs are very important and will exist whatever the product’s origin.
  • Company ownership is less important in today’s world. For example, Japanese-owned Nissan makes its Qashqai in Sunderland!
  • Brands are scored on the basis of their business model across their whole product range. This does mean that some of their products could have either higher or lower scores than the brand.
  • Individual products generally have a score related to their specific makeup.
  • YouK strives to be fair and accurate, and will always welcome corrections or new information from individuals or companies.

Want to know more?

Our YouK Score system fills a gap, providing consumers with relevant information about the products they buy.

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