Glasgow is a city brimming with culture, creativity and fun and has reinvented itself many times throughout its history. From a rural settlement on the River Clyde to a city of enlightenment and learning, a growing hub of industry and shipbuilding, to the modern Glasgow we know and love today.

A global spotlight shone on the city in the summer of 2014 when Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games. The “People Make Glasgow” phrase was born and the welcoming charm, humour and spirit of the Glaswegians was on show for everyone to see.

The city is home to many exciting small businesses, breweries, distilleries, bakeries and artists. We have put together a list of some of our favourite Glasgow based brands for you to explore.

Ride Brewing Co

Ride Brewing Co is a perfect example of Glasgows new and diverse brewing scene.

They make quality beers in their open taproom which is 100% disability accessible. Within society, disabled people remain less likely to participate in cultural, leisure and sporting activities than non-disabled people. Ride Brewing Co aim to do everything they can to change that and plan to work with people of differing abilities and disabilities.

They are passionate about sustainably producing their beers – sourcing ingredients from organic suppliers and reducing the use of non-recyclable packaging.

Why not support a small, independent, forward-thinking brewery? Head to their website to see their range of beers and get them delivered to your door.

The Divine Hag

The Divine Hag have created a range of organic aromatherapy products inspired by the Scottish countryside.

Their range of products are all vegan friendly and hand blended in small batches, providing an alternative to the widely available room fragrances.

Each of their products are designed with women in mind. Each scent is designed to relieve symptoms of pregnancy, periods and menopause, as well as help with daily struggles such as insomnia and difficulty in concentration.

Head to their website to choose from their range of products including Aromatherapy oils and room fragrances.


Trakke have designed and made a range of stylish and classic waxed canvas bags.

As a Scottish brand, they have taken inspiration from their surroundings, as soon as you leave your house you are exposed to the elements and the Scottish weather. Trakke’s bags allow you to start your day, whether commuting, socialising or adventuring, knowing that your belongings are safe and protected in a stylish bag.

Trakke bags are guaranteed for life, so what are you waiting for? Head to the website and choose from their award-winning range. Our favourite is the Yellow Assynt Backpack, pictured.

Glasgow Clever Kombucha

Clever Kombucha

Clever Kombucha craft a range of brewed, tasty, fizzy drinks that provide an alternative to mass-produced and unhealthy alternatives.

What is Kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented tea drink made with yeast, tea and a culture of healthy bacteria. Clever Kombucha uses organic, hand-rolled, whole leaf, Assam tea produced by a small co-operative in India.

They create their unique and flavoursome kombucha by sourcing the best quality ingredients and fermenting it in custom made oak barrels.

Visit their website to buy their products and choose from a variety of flavours.

Lucy Donnell

Lucy Donnell has designed and crafted a range of Scottish Knitwear. It was founded by Lucy who is a graduate of the famous Glasgow School of Art where she specialised in Knitted Textile Design.

Much of her inspiration is taken from Scotland itself, the distinctive colours of the West Coast, the various Harbours and stunning seascapes.

As well as their stylish knitwear, they also have beautiful cushions, blankets and hot water bottle covers. We are loving their Campbeltown Cushion. Head to their website to see their full range of products and order online.

Local Rebel Chocolate

Rebel Chocolate

Rebel Chocolate is on a mission to create a healthier, yet tasty, chocolate.

A combination of science, modern nutritional knowledge, a love of chocolate and traditional chocolate-making methods resulted in the Rebel Chocolate range. Their chocolate minimises the excessive sugar and maximises the cocoa, creating a unique and delicious flavour profile.

Check out their range of chocolate, it is all lactose, gluten and palm oil-free. And what’s more, you can order online and get it delivered right to your door.

Fuzzy Bee Mug, Glasgow brand

The Fuzzy Bee Paper Co

The Fuzzy Bee Paper Co is a small home décor and art brand based in Glasgow. They have all sorts of products from prints to mugs, wall hangings to cards.

It was started by Marissa, a graduate in Fine arts and Art History. Her trendy designs celebrate our everyday lives. As an American living in Scotland, she often finds inspiration in her surroundings, from her Highlands and Islands Coffee Mug to the Highland Cow Boho print.

Many of their products would make the perfect gift, we are loving Boho Highland Cow or their Highlands Mug (pictured)!

Glasgow Illicit Spirits

Illicit Spirits

Illicit Spirits are an urban craft distillery located in the centre of Glasgow. In an old railway arch under Central Station, they have crafted a range of small-batch spirits.

Their gin expressions are inspired by traditional drinks and they look to the past for inspiration. Their New Tom Gin expression is, of course, inspired by the traditional Old Tom gin but they have added a modern twist. It is distilled with pink peppercorns, Rosehip, and Tonka beans, and sweetened post-distillation with bee pollen and honey.

So if you are looking for a new gin to try, head to their website and order a bottle to be delivered, we know we will be!

Clean Beauty Balm, Glasgow

The Clean Beauty Club

The Clean Beauty Club is a small beauty brand based in Glasgow. It was started by two friends with a passion for creating effective, natural beauty products.

Their Wonder Balm is their main product, after using a basic version themselves for around 10 years they decided to develop it into a product. After much research, they settled on an all-natural formulation sold in a recyclable aluminium tin. The balm is a natural cleanser, can help to heal burns, save chapped and painful skin and balance oil levels.

Head to the website to order their amazing balm, or try their new Wonder Serum.

Sgaia Glasgow foods


Sgaia was started by two Italians, based in Glasgow, who are passionate about food and sourcing great ingredients. As vegans, they felt the diet was getting a bad reputation as bland and pleasure free. They set about changing this misconception and started making their very own plant-based foods.

They have a variety of products, all of which are handmade, that combine the plant-based diet and fresh speciality foods. Their plant-based meats are a great example of this, researching and tasting different flavour combinations to produce high quality, versatile and new wave Vegan food.

Head to their website to see their products and get some recipe inspiration. We can’t wait to try their Mheat Cotolette alla Milanese recipe, inspired by their Italian heritage.

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