Newcastle is home to the Geordie accent, the angel of the North and some of our most famous British footballers. It’s a bustling city with a rich industrial history, beautiful architecture, an iconic bridge, and wild nightlife. Don’t bring a coat! The Toon, as it is affectionately known, has a very strong sense of community, not least in the universal love of Newcastle United.

As well as football, another source of pride is the very diverse range of ‘made in Newcastle’ local businesses, so here are some examples to give you a taste of just how canny this city is!

Wylam Brewery

No doubt everyone has heard of Newcastle Brown Ale? Well this Toon is not a one trick pony – there are many other breweries, large and small. To take one example, Wylam Brewery is a 30 Barrel Micro Brewery, open to the public for tours. The brewery is located at the Palace of Arts in Exhibition Park, just north of the city centre.

Wylam understand that people’s palettes are ever-changing and so they love to come up with weird and wonderful one-off keg flavours and collaborations. Take a look at their website to explore their range of beers.

After the brewing day finishes the brewery also hosts local gigs.

The Travelling Bee Company

The Travelling Bee Company is all about tackling the very worrying fall in our honeybee population.

At the heart of their philosophy is the importance of classic good beekeeping. They let happy bees make unique honeys, naturally influenced by local seasonal flowers. Another aims is to educate, so customers can follow the progress of their beehives, and maybe even go a step further with a starter beekeeper package!

The Travelling Bee Company also have a range of honey-based products including soap, lip balms and candles, all made from their own honey.

Bees have an important central place in our ecology, and so it really makes sense to support our local natural honey producers!

Natural Nutrients

Liam Sherriff, a personal trainer, is the founder of Natural Nutrients. Liam’s passion for health and fitness led him to develop his own protein products. The trigger for this was his struggle to find proteins that passed three tests: they work, they are made of good quality natural ingredients, and they taste great.

The result was a range of natural supplements, nutrients and proteins to help people become healthier. Unusually, Natural Nutrients also provide advice through their blog and over the phone, demonstrating their real commitment to helping you achieve your goal.

Natural nutrients, whey protein
Whey Protein, Natural Nutrients

Great British Meat Co.

The Great British Meat Co are all about fresh local produce, in full support of the UK farming industry.

Based in Newcastle, they work closely with hardworking, independent farmers in the North East of England to source the best meats. Combined with their highly skilled Butchery team at their HQ, this is a winning formula.

Buying from them means you are getting great food, helping British farmers and reducing your food miles.

Steampunk Spirits

Steampunk Spirits is an award-winning spirits producer based in Newcastle. They originally began by producing gin with flavours inspired by a range of peculiar botanicals from around the world. So what’s next for this unusual distiller?

Following their success with gins such as rhubarb they have turned their hand to rum. This time the spirit is infused with vanilla, ginger and black pepper. Matched up with a unique bottle design it certainly stands out from the crowd.

Steampunk Spirits – a little, maybe a lot, out of the ordinary!

Amy Mariah

Amy Mariah is a textile graduate based in Newcastle. She designs and makes prints and small handmade items using her very own beautifully crafted illustrations.

Her product range includes canvas bags, earrings, mugs, scrunchies, phone cases, notepads and prints. Each bright and beautiful product is made to order, so if you’re looking for something completely unique then look no further.

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