Cheshire is an area bursting with things to see and do; it has a wealth of beautiful gardens, forest trails, historic stately homes and spa hotels. The county in the North West of England has rich and varied geography, comprising rural areas, including part of the peak district, contrasting with urban centres, unique market towns and villages. This makes it the perfect location for small scale food producers to develop products using natural and local ingredients.

Robert’s Bakery

A family-owned bakery since 1887, Robert’s Bakery enjoy taking a fresh approach to food. Unlike other brands, Robert’s Bakery adds unsuspecting ingredients to food to shake up boring British tastes; they are on a mission to create new, exploratory products for everyone to enjoy. Their range includes everything from modern artisan bread to tasty sandwich thins and innovative new loaves such as their ‘digestion boost heroic wholemeal bloomer’ which aids digestion!

Haughton Honey

Created by a passionate English bee farmer who wanted to reinvent the honey industry, Haughton Honey adds a little zing into the market. They are a leading supplier of pure English honey; 100% pure and raw, their products are simple but delicious. Jars of Haughton’s Honey are available to purchase online or in-store.

Mrs Darlington’s

A delicious delight for your salads and sandwiches, Marion Darlington began serving up treats in the 1980s. At first, Mrs Darlinton was making a hundred jars a day, but the business grew quickly and their production soon rose to four hundred thousand jars a year. Today, Mrs Darlington’s offering award-winning jams, curds, pickles and chutneys. She insists that all her jars are ‘Made With Love”!

Funky Nut Co

Peanut butter is old news at the Funky Nut Co. The innovative company supply a wide range of nut butters, including MnM chocolate peanut butter, Cadbury’s Crème Egg Cashew Butter and White Chocolate Almond Butter. Above all, their nut butters are full to the brim with natural protein, healthy fats and no additives meaning they taste incredibly decadent as a healthy treat.

Burt’s Cheese

An award-winning handcrafted cheese-maker, Burt’s Cheese has been bringing dairy delights to the public. In 2009, Claire Burt launched her business in Altrincham, inspired to follow her passion for cheese-making and by 2010, they had an award next in their name. As a result of their recent invention, Burt’s have changed the face of wedding cakes. The Wedding Cheese Cake is a delightful savoury alternative to fruit cake loved by all!

Cheshire Chutney Co

Locally sourced and created, Cheshire Chutney Co sell over 50 unique chutney’s, condiments and preservatives. The products containing homemade chutney on their café menu were a huge success, so Jill and Nick Marsh established the Cheshire Chutney Co to sell pots of chutney individually. Today, they serve tasty delights for any occasion to the public.

Bongo’s Rock and Roll Pickles

Bongo’s Rock and Roll Pickles bring a little originality to the standard condiment. Manny Elias was born in Calcutta and grew up with a taste for chillies so he used this as inspiration for his own pickles. For over twenty years, he has created spicy sauces with bags of colour, flavour and a little rock n roll. Bongo’s Pickles are a crowd pleaser!

Jeffrey’s Tonic

Winner of Cheshire Life’s Food or Drink Producer of the Year 2018, Jeffrey’s Tonic makes delicious tonic syrups for gin. Founder, Mike Robinson, realised that whilst tonic syrups were popular in the USA, they hadn’t made their mark in the UK. Having previously worked with Heinz, he had developed enough skills to put his new business venture into motion. They offer four unique syrups that accompany any gin perfectly.

Shopping locally reduces your product miles and environmental impact. It also enables brands like these to flourish and grow, not only creating local jobs within their communities but also encouraging others to buy from Cheshire brands they become better known. If you buy these products, let us know what you think by leaving a review on!