Cardiff, the Welsh capital, has seen a boom in popularity in recent years. From tourists to Brits looking for new cities to enjoy, it has put itself on the map. The compact and beautiful city has everything; a modern waterfront, pop-up food scene, historic monuments and great music venues. Or, if you are a sports fan, don’t miss the mighty Welsh Rugby team play at the Millennium Stadium.

There are more and more creative locals setting up businesses in the city. From candle making and fashion design to brewing and innovative food products. Before heading to the high street outlets look to local businesses for something exciting and new. We have put together a great and varied selection below for you to explore.

E&W Coture, made in cardiff

E&W Couture

E&W Couture design and produce contemporary wedding dresses from this charming studio in a former Methodist chapel in Cardiff, Wales.

They have been breaking bridal stereotypes since they opened in 2014. They are part of the bridal revolution: they pioneer individual brides choosing unusual, figure-flattering and above all comfortable dresses that won’t be kept in a box.

Weddings are an incredibly personal, intimate experience. Working with E&W Couture you can be certain they will put as much pride and attention into the dress as you would.

Pipers Beer made in cardiff

Pipes Beer

Pipes Beer is a small craft brewery and bar located in Cardiff. They handcraft all of their innovative beers on-site in their microbrewery. If you are looking to try something a little different they have various inventive beers including Guava Goose and Smoked Lager.

The recent coronavirus crisis and subsequent closing of pubs put breweries like Pipes in great difficulty. But like many other innovative and creative small business, they adapted and thrived. They started running a takeaway only service and then a free local delivery option. If you are in the Cardiff area now is the time to support small businesses and bars such as theirs.

Brybeque made in cardiff


Brybeque was started after their founder, Huw, was unable to find the authentic and delicious BBQ sauce he enjoyed during his time in America.

Huw decided to make his own and after much experimentation came up with the perfect recipe. They aim to not just get BBQ sauce fans onboard but to convert new fans too. Give Brybeque a try and enjoy a new taste sensation.

Lisa Macario

Lisa Macario may have started her fashion brand by accident, but it is no accident they continue to grown in popularity since the first “nevertheless she persisted” sweatshirt. They are a small sustainable fashion brand that hand embroider statement t-shirts and sweatshirts. They have strong same values and continue to create unique, stylish and powerful clothing.

Some of our favourites include “feminist killjoy” and “I’d rather be sleeping”. If you are looking for a sweatshirt that packs a punch, check out their range online.

Penyland preserves, made in cardiff

Penylan Preserves

Penylan Preserves is a multi-award winning brand that handcraft preserves. They are passionate about creating high-quality local produce and they have continued to champion that message as they have expanded and grown.

All of their products are hand made with local produce, often from their own allotment. In an effort to reduce waste they freeze left-over produce and use it in the winter months when local produce is harder to come by.

Try some of their award-winning preserves to spice up your meals, from traditional Three Fruit Marmalade to Spiced Marrow Chutney, the choice is yours!

Jack & Amelie

Put simply, Jack and Amelie make Grown-Up Food for kids. Preparing delicious and nutritious home-cooked food every single day can be a real challenge for families. So Jack & Amelie have made it a little easier with their range of meals for kids which focus on flavour and variety.

All of their meals are made in small batches with extra care and attention to ensure they are flavourful but are not full of salts and sugars. Each dish is flash-frozen to lock-in nutrients and extend shelf life naturally.

Currently, they are offering contactless delivery in Cardiff and are hoping to roll out their range of delicious dishes to retailers across the country later this year.

Gauci Organics

Gauci Organics craft a range of environmentally friendly candles. Each one is hand-poured, made with 100% vegetable soy wax and the scents are enhanced with botanical oils.

They are passionate about making eco-friendly products that contain no Palm oil or palm products, petroleum, paraffin or any other nasties. Check out their range of bright, fun and delightful scents.

Rhian Kate

Rhian Kate is an independent jewellery maker that specialise in making contemporary, minimalist and on-trend pieces. Each piece is handmade giving it a unique finish and texture. Their draw design inspiration from the moon, the solar system and geometric shapes. This results in their simple yet elegant pieces.

Although a small business they are conscious of their environmental impact and are always looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. Steps they have taken include recyclable packaging, using recycled metal, melting down and reusing waste and sourcing supplies from within the UK.

Rhian Kate’s sustainable, stylish and affordable jewellery is unique and beautiful, browse their range online and fall in love with their pieces.

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