Bristol is the birthplace of the first Easter egg and Ribena. It is the home to Banksy, Wallace and Gromit and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Bristol is an inventive city; some locals are turning ideas into products and many businesses make their goods in Bristol.

Bristol Blue Glass

The founders of Bristol Blue Glass have successfully re-established a glass-making tradition that had been lost for over 60 years and was in danger of being lost forever. Today, the Bristol Blue Glass legacy has spread worldwide, and many glassmakers have trained at the Bristol studio. Bristol Blue Glass now sells a compelling range of free blown glassware including jewellery, ornaments and even Christmas baubles.


With a family tradition of pie-making dating back to 1867, Pieminister first began making pies in 2003 on Stokes Croft, Bristol. Their restaurants have spread nationwide, but they also have a range of delicious and comforting pies to enjoy at home. This rage includes meaty classics, gluten-free and vegan pies. Pieminister is the only nationwide pie company to use 100% free range and British meat and eggs. Pieminister also has strong eco-credentials; every element of their packaging can be composted or recycled and are they are currently planting a Pieminister Forest for Temwa in Northern Malawi.

King & Webbon

Founded by designer-maker Andy King in 2017, King & Webbon designs and hand makes freestanding and fitted furniture. Their furniture creates a joyful connection between user and object and focuses on simplicity, texture and colour. King & Webbon also take on bespoke commissions of anything from stools to kitchens.

Martin Carwadine & Co

If you like the sound of coffee blended in a magnificent 1968 Probat machine, nicknamed ‘Bertha’, Martin Carwadine & Co coffee is for you. Being over 40 years old, Bertha’s chamber is wonderfully seasoned, producing flavour newer roasters are unable to achieve. For Martin and his team, the quality and taste of each blend of coffee take priority, guaranteeing a perfect brew.

William and the Wolf

Each piece of William and the Wolf childrenswear is unique; the brand blends classic style with fun and quirky, age-appropriate elements. Becky, the founder of the brand, grew up watching old movies and absorbing the enduring style of the 50s and 60s; this is the inspiration for much of William and the Wolf’s design aesthetic. Hand-sewn in Bristol, this childrenswear will stand up to the toughest of cubs!

William and the Wolf

Emmeline Simpson

An artist and illustrator, Emmeline Simpson felt inspired to found her company as she pushed her new-born son around her home city of Bristol. Ten years later, she is still bringing Bristol to life on mugs, tea towels, placemats, coasters and more. Luckily for us, she has also expanded her range to include other UK cities including London, Oxford and Bath.

Ottowin Footwear

Based in the heart of Bristol, Ottowin Footwear is handmade in Bristol by Ollie and Lucy. The brand was born out of a love for traditional footwear craft, contemporary design and great respect for leatherwork. Ollie and Lucy make long-lasting luxury products with the highest quality leather that age beautifully with wear.

It is important to remember the impact of buying locally made goods on our community. It helps local economies to flourish, supports job creation for locals who are able to retain and develop skills. Buying local also reduces your environmental footprint as goods travel less far to reach you. So when you’re browsing YouK or next in your local high street, look to see where the goods are made. You never know, it might just be in Bristol!