When you’re at a festival, there’s nothing worse than returning to your tent after a long day to find it waterlogged and half-collapsed. Investing in the right equipment means you’ll be comfy, warm and dry throughout the weekend. It makes sense that the products most qualified to prepare you for a weekend outside during the British summer are those designed and made in the UK!


First of all, invest in a quality tent for festivals, but quality doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style! Field Candy’s UK-made Don’t be a Leopard will not only turn heads, but it’ll also prevent you from accidentally stumbling into somebody else’s tent at 3am. If you’re more of a stealth camper, the AlpKit Viso 3 is for you. Ensure there’s enough space for you and your belongings by checking the measurements of the tent’s base. A porch area is always useful for muddy, smelly boots, too!

Field Candy‘s UK made Don’t Be a Leopard tent
AlpKit Viso 3

Camping Mat

It’s no fun trying to sleep with a lump sticking into your back! Camping mats make for a comfier night’s sleep after a day of wandering and dancing in the festival fields. They will also keep you warmer by keeping you off the cold, wet ground. Your options ranging from cheaper foam mats to self-inflating mats for a bit of extra luxury.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is a simple decision, right? Well, not really! If you’re going to use a sleeping bag for camping in winter too, look for a four-season sleeping bag, whereas a two-season sleeping bag will do the trick for summer camping and festivals. Don’t forget that double sleeping bags are also a great way to get cosy on cool summer nights!

Eurohike Super Snooze Double Sleeping Bag

Waterproof Jacket

Even though we all wish for a festival weekend of endless sun, it’s highly unlikely. So make sure you find a lightweight waterproof which packs down really small that you can always carry with you for those inevitable downpours!

Berghaus Deluge Pro Waterproof Jacket

Healthcare Essentials

Essential festival toiletries revolve around keeping you as clean as possible. Suncream, paracetamol, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, wet wipes, toilet roll and tissues are your new best friends. Whatever you do, don’t forget the toilet roll!

Beauty Kitchen is pioneering sustainable beauty developed and made in the UK. They offer a range of compostable wet wipes to keep you fresh all weekend long!

Beauty Kitchen Wish-a-Wash Compostable Wet Wipes


We all know that glitter is a festival staple, but bear in mind the environmental impact of using excess glitter. More and more companies are offering a range of biodegradable glitters which help you to leave no trace at the end of the weekend. Festival Glitter biodegradable glitter comes in a wide range of colours and is made in England.

Festival Glitter Biodegradable Glitter Range

Something to Stand Out

If you want to stand out from the crowd, we’ve picked out a few brands to help you do just that! Whether you’re into Katz Dancewear‘s metallic leggings and hotpants, JuJu’s jellies or wellies, a Stidston kimono for a sunny day or a pair of Nobody’s Child statement flares, you’ll find festival fashion on YouK!

Nobody’s Child Tie Dye Carrie Rib Flares

Some final essential items to consider are earplugs, sunglasses, wellies, a rucksack and/or bumbag and a blanket to keep you cosy on a dewy morning until it warms up.

With all this preparation, it’s easy to forget that you go to a festival for the music to have a good time. If you forget something, your friends will probably have it so above all, don’t stress and enjoy the weekend!