YouK lists over 100 vegan brands that produce their plant-based food across the UK. Buying locally produced vegan products further reduces your environmental impact as your food doesn’t travel as far to reach your plate. With this many vegan brands at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to give Veganuary a try this year.



The one everyone worries about! So many people say they couldn’t be vegan because they would miss cheese. Nutcrafter Creamery produces innovative, artisanal plant-based cheeses and butter alternatives. All Nutcrafter products are made with high quality, ethically grown ingredients.

Ready Meals

Everyone needs a go-to for healthy, filling convenience food. BOL is on a mission to make it easier to eat less meat and more plants. Better for you, kinder to the planet.

Meat Substitutes

VBites have been pioneering plant-based alternatives to meat, fish and dairy for 25 years.

They make over 130 products at their 100% plant-based facilities across the UK and have won over 80 international awards. Care for the planet, human health and the welfare of animals is at the heart of everything they do.

We recommend their 100% fish-free fish fingers!


Many dark chocolates are already dairy-free and vegan, but if you’re looking for something a bit special, Booja-Booja is here to help. Booja-Booja offers exquisite vegan chocolate truffles and dairy-free ice cream, all made in Norfolk.



Rude Health is a London-based innovative food and drinks company, unafraid of standing up for real, honest food.

Made with the best ingredients and no added refined sugar, they’re full of all the good stuff you need and none of the rubbish you don’t.

Their range of dairy-free drinks are all naturally frothable & are made from the finest organic ingredients. The proof is in the taste.


Camel Valley’s White Pinot Noir Brut is an elegant sparkling wine with a fine filigree mousse, youthful red fruits and a light finish. This wine is excellent to drink young or can be cellared to allow the structure and more mature characteristics to evolve. The grapes are crushed to retain more of the special fruit characters that are unique to grapes grown in England. Only the free-run juice is used for the sparkling wine with the pressed juice going to still wine.

Health and Beauty

Hair Dye

Tints of Nature believe in a more gentle, less chemical way to dye your hair. Their formulas maximise the number of certified organic ingredients used to leave your hair happier and healthier.


Facetheory’s products are vegan, cruelty-free & made in their Sheffield lab. The paraben-free selection of cleansers, serums and more are designed to target any skin type, with customisable skincare packages.

Men’s Grooming

Seven Potions was founded in 2014 with a vision of offering men with unique, high-quality men’s grooming products. They now offer an elegant range of products for beard care, hair styling and wet shaving.



Founded by a former personal trainer with a passion for health and fitness. Natural Nutrients‘ goal is to help people become healthier not only through their protein products but also through the advice provided on their blog and help over the phone.

Cleaning Products

Bio-D offer a range of vegan, cruelty-free cleaning products suitable for everyone. Made in the UK from ethically sourced ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging, their products are sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.


Splosh is based in Newtown, Powys and produces laundry products in neat little sachets that fit through your letterbox. Splosh has designed these sachets to refill your bottles enabling you to cut plastic waste by 90%. They take real care to source ingredients that are non-toxic and minimise the environmental impact once they go down your drain, using plant-derived ingredients where possible.