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The Success of the British Beauty Industry

In 2018, the direct contribution of the beauty industry to the UK economy was £14.2 billion, whilst motor manufacturing reached only £13.5 billion. The figure comes from the Value of Beauty report; this is the first formal analysis of the UK’s beauty sector. The report was commissioned by the British Beauty Council and uses data published by the Office of National Statistics.

The beauty sector is at the heart of the UK economy

The recently-formed British Beauty Council is a not-for-profit body working to “secure a positive future for the industry under the three pillars, reputation, innovation and education.” The Council argues that the beauty industry’s contribution to the UK’s economy remains underrated.

Also revealed in the report is the contribution of the UK’s beauty industry to our economy. It accounts for approximately 600,000 jobs in the UK and contributes £7 billion of tax every year. This is enough to employ around 250,000 nurses.

Manufacturing British Beauty

The report divides the UK’s beauty industry into five major sectors: beauty services, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and advertising & marketing services. Of the £13.5 billion contributed to the UK’s economy each year, £1.9 billion comes from manufacturing. This represents 12% of the industry’s total contribution.

Similarly, the value of the employment footprint of the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is worth 11.3% of the UK’s beauty industry employment footprint; beauty services, retailers and wholesalers all outweigh the footprint of manufacturing.

The British Beauty Council’s CEO, Millie Kendall, explains in an interview that there is room for growth in manufacturing. She explains that in order to achieve growth, funding and government support for local producers needs to improve. Increased UK manufacturing will see an increase in jobs, greater contributions to our public services by British companies and further growth for the beauty industry.

We all know the last twelve months have been tough for many industries and the beauty industry is no exception. Although shops and salons remain closed we can still support the industry by purchasing from UK based brands.

Top Make-Up Brands

We have selected some of the best and most exciting UK make-up brands for you to explore and support. You can discover and shop more fantastic UK Make-Up brands on YouK.


Glitter eye flakes from Stargazer, British make-up brand
Stargazer’s Duochrome Flakes

Stargazer was founded in the late 70s in a small London market and they have grown over the years into a leading British make-up brand. They slowly started producing their own products and now they make everything in-house in the UK!

We have picked out Stargazer’s Duochrome flakes which are a colour shifting light flake glitter. The flakes appear to be different colours depending on the viewing angle and create a stunning and striking look. Follow the link below to buy the flakes and discover some exciting looks.

Shop Now: Duochrome Flakes by Stargazer, £8.50

Aster & Bay

Natural lip tint oil from British brand Aster & Bay
Lip Tint Oil by Aster & Bay

Aster & Bay is a plant-based self-care brand based in Scotland. Many of their products are inspired by, and use, local herbs and ingredients. That, coupled with years of research into effective extracts and oils resulted in their beautiful range of products.

This Lip Tint from Aster & Bay is a natural beauty lovers dream. It is 100% organic and made entirely from plant-based materials. It nourishes and hydrates lips whilst subtly tinting them providing a fresh glow. Use it on your lips or cheeks for a beautiful, natural flush.

Shop Now: Beet Root Lip Tint Oil by Aster & Bay, £18

Leighton Denny

Leighton Denny nail polish, back to nature collection
Back to Nature Collection by Leighton Denny

Leighton Denny is a Welsh nail-care company. They are a leading British brand when it comes to producing high-quality, chip-resistant nail colours.

We have picked their Back to Nature collection. They are low chemical nail polishes and 75% of the ingredients are from plant-based sources. Not only that but they are Vegan friendly. Pick a colour that you love or goes with an outfit and have fun showing off your nails!

Shop Now: The Back to Nature Collection by Leighton Denny, £12

The Natural Beauty Pot

Mineral Eyeshadow by The Natural Beauty Pot

The Natural Beauty Pot is a Health & Beauty brand focussed on creating products for those with sensitive skin. They are based in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, and take a back to basics approach with each of their products. Everything is made in small quantities to ensure they are high-quality and only contain ingredients that are natural and kind to your skin.

Their mineral eyeshadow is suitable for those with the most sensitive eyes, the natural formula soothes and protects the skin. Each shade is highly pigmented so you don’t have to choose between beautiful eye makeup and your sensitive skin anymore!

Shop Now: Mineral Eye Shadow by The Natural Beauty Pot, £6.50


UK Beauty from Dr PAWPAW. Tinted Peach Pink Balm
Tinted Peach Pink Balm by Dr. PAWPAW

Dr. PAWPAW have a range of multi-purpose balms that were originally formulated as a natural alternative to Eczema creams. Their balms can be used on skin, lips and hair and can be used by anyone from Grandma to baby!

This Tinted Peach Pink balm is an award-winning multi-use beauty product and it is easy to see why. The balm can be used on Lips and Cheeks to provide a subtle and natural glow. It is cruelty-free and full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

Shop Now: Tinted Peach Pink Balm by Dr. PAWPAW, £6,95

Beauty Kitchen

UK beauty brand, Beauty Kitchen's eco glitter
0% Plastic Eco Glitter by Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen is a favourite here at YouK, we love their ethos and products. As a Certified B-Corp, they consider their social and environmental responsibilities within everything they do, from the way they operate to the products they make. Discover more about them in our previous Behind the Scenes article with their founder.

Beauty Kitchen’s Eco Glitter is completely plastic-free, made with natural ingredients, and packaged in plastic-free sustainable packaging. What is not to love? You can use it to brighten up any look, use it as a highlighter, lip balm, eye shadow or body glitter!

Shop Now: Eco Glitter Balm by Beauty Kitchen, £12.50

Green People

Mascara from a leading organic British beauty brand Green People
Volumising Mascara by Green People

Green People started as a small family business trying to solve skincare problems and is now a leading UK Organic Lifestyle brand. They continue to research and create natural products that are better for our bodies and the planet!

We have selected their fantastic Volumising mascara. There are so many great things about this product: it is Organic, Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free and kind to sensitive eyes. You can pick it in either black or brown depending on your preference.

Shop Now: Organic Volumising Mascara by Green People, £17.50

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