Knowing where products come from informs our purchasing decisions. The more locally our goods are produced, the better it is for the environment; manufacturing and delivery processes involve less transport, they produce fewer emissions, less packaging and waste.

YouK makes it easy to shop consciously and locally. Discover thousands of products that are sustainably and ethically made in the UK.

Discover organic brands.

Organic food production uses no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It also maintains healthy soil and supports pollinators, amongst other benefits.

Featured: Daylesford Organic Farms

Try Vegan Brands

Vegan brands are creating innovative and tasty plant-based food. Whilst it takes 15,500 litres of water to produce 1 kg beef, it only takes 180 litres for 1 kg tomatoes and 250 litres for 1 kg potatoes. Buy locally produced, vegan food to further reduce your impact.

Featured: VBites

Support cruelty-free brands

Cruelty-free means that when products are developed, no animal testing occurs and no animals will suffer.

Featured: Molton Brown

Drink ethically certified tea and coffee

Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified producers have high ethical and environmental standards throughout their supply chain. When you buy from an ethically certified brand, you increase their market share, encouraging other non-certified brands to rethink their policies.

Featured: Mazawattee Tea

Eat sustainably & locally caught fish

The UK currently exports “around 75% of fish caught and landed in the UK, but we’re the ninth largest importer of fish in the world.” (MCS UK).

When purchasing fish, buy local and fresh-caught fish which supports the local fishing industry and cuts emissions?

Featured: Mourne Fishbox

Buy Local, Seasonal Produce

In-season, locally grown produce is cheaper and reduces your product miles. Moreover, it grows naturally in its environment and tastes better!

Featured: Farmison & Co

Discover Sustainable Alternatives

YouK offers information about the origins of input materials. Choose brands using local, renewable, recycled and sustainable materials during production.

Featured: Millbrook Beds

And zero waste swaps!

Discover sustainable alternatives to throwaway household goods and harmful cleaning equipment.

Featured: The Beeswax Wrap Co

Browse YouK.

YouK makes it easy to find ethical brands producing goods in the UK. If you’re interested in finding out more about sustainability and how using YouK supports the environment, then take a look at our blog.