It is the tradition to make changes at New Year, but often these resolutions are superficial, aimed at testing your resolve or denying yourself certain foods you enjoy. They last for a few weeks or a month and then you slip back into old habits, forgetting about the changes you tried to make. When planning your resolutions for 2020, why not positively impact others’ lives, as well as your own? 

Buying local can mean anything from choosing potatoes and meat reared on a local farm to purchasing clothing handmade in a nearby town or choosing a bicycle made in the UK rather than abroad. 

There are significant social, economic and environmental benefits to buying locally. These include a reduced carbon footprint, more local jobs and money flowing in the local economy, a stronger local community and will lead to an increasingly wide range of local businesses to choose from.

What’s Made in the UK?

This is where YouK comes in. YouK’s mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to make a huge difference to the environment and the sustainability of UK jobs and public services.

Using YouK, you can search for any type of product to discover what’s made and designed in the UK. From moisturiser to cars and wine to trainers, it’s made in the UK!

If you’re looking for something made even closer to home, use YouK’s map feature, Local, which enables you to search for brands across the UK on a map.

You’ll be surprised at how much is made near you – give YouK a go and see what you can find!