Fish & Chips on a Friday. There couldn’t be anything more British. Even Winston Churchill called them “the good companions”! Apart from the fact that some say it isn’t actually British.

From around the 17th Century, Jewish refugees from Spain and Portugal introduced the British to the idea of frying flour-coated fish in oil (known in Spain as Pescado) to give it a crispy coating. Gradually this evolved into the golden battered deep-fried fish we know today.

Fish and chips were first paired in 1863. John Lees started to sell the pairing from a stall at Mosley market in Lancashire. Others attribute the first Fish & Chip shop to East London’s Joseph Malin who opened the shop in around 1860. The idea of fish and chips took off and became a popular, cheap meal for the working class.

Fish & Chips East London Shop

Whether you cover your fish & chips in lashings of salt and vinegar, a squeeze of lemon or a great big dollop of mushy peas, there’s no denying that it is a British Classic and a firm favourite.

It’s a shocking fact that the UK currently exports “around 75% of fish caught and landed in the UK, but we’re the ninth largest importer of fish in the world, with around 70% of the seafood value entering the UK fish supply chain coming from overseas” (MCS UK). So, if you’re going to celebrate this National Fish & Chips Day, make sure your fish is responsibly & sustainably sourced.

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