We look at the best-looking gin bottles made in the UK (with botanical notes too!)

Gin is one of the UK’s favourite tipples, with 83 million bottles bought by Brits last year.

According to The Drinks Business, we now have 441 UK gin distilleries, more than double that of just 10 years ago! The vast majority are small craft operations, set up by people with a passion for making wonderful gins. They have popped up absolutely everywhere across the UK, from Fermanagh to the Isle of Wight, Abergwyngregyn to Caithness.

The beauty of the explosion of the UK gin industry is Brits now have an extraordinary selection of UK made gins to choose from: innovative contemporary gins, London Dry classics, liqueurs, and the increasingly popular flavoured gins.

With this much choice, it might be difficult to pick out a new expression to try. One way to go is to look at the botanicals distillers makers around the country are using, such as locally picked flora, spices, seeds, nuts, roots, fruits and vegetables, giving each gin subtle differences and unique local flairs. Or perhaps you want to pick from a range of stunning bottles designed by distilleries across the country?

We put together a panel of four spirit lovers who looked at all 751 UK gins, and after complex voting methods and heated debate, came up with our top 25 most beautiful gin bottles! Whether it be for an eye-catching gift or to put on the mantle as a collector’s item, these bottles have value even after their contents have been drunk.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so take a look and see what you think!

#25 Cygnet Hand-Crafted Welsh Gin

Cygnet Welsh Gin

Cygnet Gin is made in the heart of Swansea where the finest grain spirit is infused with a symphony of high-quality ingredients in a handmade copper still using the finest Welsh water. Presented in a distinct white bottle, this one would look very smart on a mantlepiece or as a decorative ornament after its contents had been devoured.


#24 Vryheid Dry Gin

OakVilla Vryheid Gin from Norfolk
  • Brand: OakVilla
  • Location: Wymondham, Norfolk, England
  • Price: £43.85

Vryheid Dry Gin by OakVilla is made using quality botanicals including handpicked Poppy and Elderflower from the Norfolk area and is presented in this beautifully shaped bottle. Conceived by a South African wine-making family who moved to the area in 2007, Vryheid is a full-bodied, modern dry expression with citrus and elderflower tones.


#23 Whitley Neill Original Dry Gin

Whitley Neill Gin

Presented in a sleek black and gold bottle, Whitley Neill Original Dry Gin is slightly softer and much smoother than traditional gins, with rich notes of juniper and citrus, potpourri and exotic spices. It has a long finish with a subtle fade of herbs, cocoa and candied lemon peels, while the nose is both citrus-sweet and peppery, with a distinctive floral aroma.


#22 Shetland Reel Ocean Sent

Beautiful Shetland Reel Gin Bottle
  • Brand: Shetland Reel
  • Location: Haroldswick, Shetland Islands, Scotland
  • Price: £35.90

A stunning bottle that evokes the feeling of looking out to the sea. Located in Haroldswick on the Isle of Unst, the most northerly inhabited island in the UK, Shetland Reel Gin is made at the remote Saxa Vord Distillery and is influenced by the seas that surround the island. Ocean Sent features native bladderwrack, a distinctive and nutritious seaweed gathered from the rocks of the Shetland coastline and distilled to a unique recipe resulting in a surprising depth of flavour from the shores of Unst.


#21 eeNoo Gin

eeNoo gin from Lost Loch Spirits

eeNoo Gin is distilled with Royal Deeside honey. The flavour profile of the honey is unique to the local area and is made up of heather, willow herb and clover pollen. To complement the honey, they add heather flowers and other local botanicals. They forage a percentage of their brambleberries, raspberries and rosehip from the Deeside area and source the remainder from berry farms in Aberdeenshire and Angus. These wonderful local flavours are then presented in a sleek glass bottle with stunning colourful artwork on the label.


#20 Echlinville Irish Pot Still Gin

Echlinville Irish Gin

Echlinville Irish Pot Still Gin is Ireland’s first super-premium single-estate pot still gin. Local botanicals including whin bush petals and Strangford Lough seaweed create flavours of the land and sea.  We love this bottle for its unique pot shape and slick, modern label using eye-catching colour combinations.


#19 Cambridge Dry Gin

Cambridge English Dry Gin

Distilled using local botanicals at Cambridge Distillery in the heart of Cambridge, this Dry expression is bright, herbaceous, exquisitely refreshing and captures the quintessential taste of the English seasons. Cambridge Distillery offers visitors tastings, masterclasses and other experiences at their Gin Laboratory in Cambridge.


#18 Chapel Down Dry Gin

Chapel Down Gin
  • Brand: Chapel Down
  • Location: Tenterden, Kent, England
  • Price: £32.95

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin brings together winemaking expertise with modern distillation techniques. Created using distilled Bacchus grape skins grown at their own vineyard in Kent, the spirit has been developed to reflect the delicate flavour profile of the wine varietal. The bottle is an elegant, custom-made 70cl glass bottle which links back to the two production processes; distillation and winemaking. The bottom half of the bottle reflects a cut-glass crystal decanter and the frosted top half of the bottle denotes the classic shape of a wine bottle.


#17 Cooper King Dry Gin

Cooper King, beautiful gin bottle

Cooper King founders, formerly a scientist and an architect, combined to self-build their distillery on the site of an old stable block in the North Yorkshire countryside. Committed to sustainable production, Cooper King Distillery runs on 100% green energy, uses clever origami-style recycled boxes instead of plastic packaging and for every bottle sold they plant 1 square metre of native English broadleaf woodland. Stunning, eye-catching colours bounce off the Cooper King Dry Gin bottle which is also produced sustainably.


#16 The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

The Botanist, Islay Gin

An exciting and unusual expression from Islay whisky distillery Bruichladdich. An extremely floral gin, The Botanist is produced using 31 botanicals, 22 of which are native to the Southern Hebridean island itself. The classic bottle oozes class and has the Latin names for each of the 22 native botanicals etched on to the glass.


#15 Manchester Gin Raspberry Infused

Beautiful Gin, Manchester Raspberry Infused

Based at the stunning, newly-built Spirit of Manchester Distillery in the heart of the city, Manchester Gin has created a range of craft spirits inspired by the city they are made in. The distillery, built-in 2019, makes sure to use local suppliers, has created jobs for local people, and launched apprenticeships across all areas of the business. The bottle’s beautiful label features the Manchester bee symbol as a tribute to the city’s work ethic and inclusive, hive mentality.


#14 Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie

Salcombe Gin

This entry comes from Salcombe Distilling Co. in Devon whose design looks like it came from the top shelf of a wine cellar. Based in the heart of the traditional boat building quarter of Salcombe, now renowned for its growing arts scene, the distillery itself is extremely stylish and modern and also comes equipped with a bar, shop and gin school.  Rosé Sainte Marie’ is inspired by the aromas, flavours and lifestyle of the South of France and is a celebration of adventure, colour, freshness and joy; capturing the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean coast.


#13 Achroous Gin

Bright Orange Bottle, Electric Spirits Co

One of the most unique entries on this list, Electric Spirit Co.’s Achroous Gin from Leith in Edinburgh comes in an eye-catching fluorescent orange bottle. The minimalist design and label really accentuate the striking colour. As well as the non-traditional bottle, the Electric Spirit Co. opted for combining non-traditional botanicals such as Sichuan pepper with the more classic juniper and coriander to create an intense and spicy spirit.


#12 Silent Pool Gin

Based in the picturesque Surrey Hills on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, Silent Pool Distillers was set up by a group of friends who came together to create a sustainably-minded distillery. Their spirits are created using hand foraged ingredients, produce from local suppliers, distilling equipment that uses renewable fuel and efficient cooling and heating systems to keep fuel usage to a minimum. While all of their bottles are beautifully designed, we’ve picked out their signature expression which has intricate flower detailing and striking colours.


#11 Lind & Lime Gin

Produced at an ambitious, newly-built distillery situated in the Port of Leith, Lind & Lime Gin has juniper at its core, combined with fresh lime peel and a hint of pink peppercorns to create a classic benchmark expression that is balanced, dry and intensely refreshing. Lind & Lime is distilled with 100% clean electricity, produced with 100% organic ingredients and packaged in a stunning, unique bottle using 100% plastic-free materials.


#10 Curio Wild Coast Gin

Curio Spirits Company craft their spirits in Mullion on Cornwall’s west coast using fragrant botanicals and natural ingredients that reflect their culture, heritage and locality. Curio Wild Coast Gin combines natural spring water from the Cornish Spring Water Company with a range of botanicals including hand-forged rock samphire from local cliff tops and locally picked seaweed.


#9 Wild Island Botanic Gin

Wild Island Botanical Gin is proudly crafted using the native botanicals that grow on the crofts on the island. Hand-picked lemon balm, wild water mint, meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, heather flowers and bog myrtle and a base of ten other botanicals come together to create a unique, refreshing drink. The watercolour design that appears on every bottle depicts the colours and contours of the majestic Kiloran Bay at the northern end of the Isle of Colonsay.


#8 Twisted Nose Dry Gin

Twisted Nose takes your senses on a journey into Hampshire’s fragrant green world of watercress, crystalline chalk streams and long summer days spent at the water’s edge. The Winchester Distillery presents Twisted Nose in a bespoke, glinting, blue-green glass bottle that ripples and refracts like the surface of a stream. Distilled with locally grown lavender and coriander from the South Downs, Twisted Nose is a vibrant celebration of provenance and place.


#7 Kinrara Highland Dry Gin

One of Scotland’s newest micro distilleries, Kinrara makes unique Highland dry gins infused with local flora and berries. Created in very small batches, every bottle is individually numbered and each process is completed by hand by the passionate team. Their Highland Dry Gin usually comes in this stunning bright blue bottle, but they have added rotating “Artist Edition” bottles that highlight the work of local artists.


#6 Aber Falls Welsh Gin

  • Brand: Aber Falls
  • Location: Abergwyngregyn, Gwynedd, Wales
  • Price: £32.95

A small-batch expression distilled in a small village on Wales’ west coast. Aber Falls Welsh Gin contains a fine balance of pepper, floral and juniper notes and has been inspired by ancient flavours. Ancient traditions also inspire the intricate detailing on the bottle which has a beautiful blue tint.


#5 Land of Saints Organic Cornish Gin

The Cornish Spirits Drink Company handcraft Land of Saints Gin on the north coast of Cornwall. It is made from organically grown ingredients, combined to create a smooth, fresh, taste. Presented in a beautiful colourful bottle that captures thoughts of the sea and highlights the proud county of its origin.


#4 Boatyard Double Gin

The first release from The Boatyard Distillery in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland. Made with an organically produced wheat spirit, which is double contact distilled and macerated for 18 hours with 8 different botanicals, including Sweet Gale which has been harvested from the family farm. The extremely modern bottle and the stylish colour combination is for sure an eye-catcher.


#3 Glaswegin

Bottled and distilled in an artisan still in the heart of Glasgow, Glaswegin is made using a total of 8 botanicals including locally grown Scottish milk thistle as well as traditional botanicals such as Italian juniper and pink peppercorns. We think the minimalist, monochrome design is stunning, ultra-modern and is sure to be an eye-catcher on the shelf.


#2 Mermaid Gin

Hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight using ten ethically sourced botanicals, Mermaid Gin delivers a smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest and peppery grains of paradise, with a hint of sea air from locally foraged, fragrant rock samphire. Mermaid Gin’s bottle is a winning entry in the IWSC Design Awards. They craft it using recyclable glass and it features a sustainably sourced natural cork stopper and a compostable tamper-proof seal.


#1 Isle of Harris Gin

A gin that truly captures the spirit of the island it hails from. Every drop is distilled in a small copper still known as ‘The Dottach’, before being bottled and sealed by hand and detailed with the coordinates of their island distillery as a promise of provenance. We just absolutely loved the simplicity and style of this bottle which has been carefully designed and extensively computer modelled. From the rippled glass that evoke the maritime elements of the island to the subtle irregularities in form, curves and dimples that feel as if they’ve been worn by the tides, this bottle captures the elemental nature of the Isle of Harris and is the winner of multiple design awards.


Why not try a bottle made in your local area or give our Random UK Gin Generator a spin which will give you a random bottle out of over 700 possibilities.

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