Discover UK Made Natural and Organic Skin Care

Natural Skincare is one area in which the UK is a hotbed of creativity and innovation, from Jersey to Northern Ireland, Somerset to the Isle of Lewis. More people are discovering the benefits of using naturally sourced ingredients – good for your skin and good for our environment.

The 11 exciting brands below all have one thing in common: they have been scouring their local ecosystems for effective natural ingredients such as seaweed, lavender oil and rosehips, making the most of the UK’s wonderful natural flora. Locally sourcing these kinds of raw materials is far more sustainable and less damaging to the environment than traditional mass-produced synthetic skincare products.

Really natural skincare is just as important for what’s not in it. No synthetic chemicals, parabens or emulsifiers, which are typically added for aesthetic, textural or artificial fragrance purposes, and can irritate the skin. Instead, the plant, fruit and herbal based ingredients used in natural skincare can be metabolised more easily by the skin, and also more naturally exfoliate and nourish. Without animal testing too!

11 Natural Skincare Brand locations Across the UK
11 Natural Skincare Brands Across the UK

The Natural Beauty Pot

Natural Skincare- Beauty Pot

Ten years ago Shauna Gallagher started off by making products to tackle her own teenage acne. Her aim was to provide products suitable for extremely sensitive skin. Formulated in Enniskillen The Natural Beauty Pot takes a back to basics approach for their skincare range for men and women. By making her products by hand using simple formulas and high-quality natural plant and mineral ingredients, such as lavender, apricot kernel oil and jojoba, Shauna was able to create gentle but effective products which are environmentally sustainable and suitable for everyone.



ishga cleansing skincare

Based on the stunning Isle of Lewis, ishga make organic skin care products from Hebridean seaweed. Scientific studies have shown that Hebridean seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. ishga then uses local natural spring water to extract beneficial compounds and natural enzymes from the seaweed. This is then coupled with essential oils such as Argon, Lavender and Juniper. The resulting products can really improve skin health and appearance.


Bee Good

Bee Good moisturising skincare

Bee Good Founders Caroline and Simon are passionate about helping British bees thrive and survive. With support from professional bee farmers as well as their own Apiary in Basingstoke, Bee Good makes natural honey-based skincare products. They exclusively use British beeswax, honey and propolis in all their products, combined with UK plant-based oils such as Echium, one of nature’s richest sources of SDA, a form of anti-inflammatory that is excellent in reducing skin inflammation. Bee Good’s resulting formulations are free from known skin sensitisers to ensure that they are as gentle and comfortable as possible for sensitive skins.


Angela Langford

Angela Langford natural skincare

Angela Langford has a natural skincare range with the objective to make you feel great about your skin, whatever your age. The combination of natural ingredients in each product is designed to suit and to treat particular skin types, with each ingredient also coming with an explanation as to why it has been selected. Angela Langford prides themselves on their personalised services, offering a sample pack service, so that you can get personalised product recommendations to try out, for the cost of postage and packaging only.


Sheffield Skincare Company

sheffield skincare company

The Sheffield Skincare Company makes fresh, natural and organic skincare products in small batches. Operating since 2001, their range has expanded to include items such as face masks, cleansing grains, facial spritzes, body butters and so much more. The company has been working hard to reduce their packaging and source packaging that is plastic free, biodegradable, recyclable or free from packaging completely, also offering a return to recycle reward scheme at their shop in Sheffield.


Handmade Naturals

homemade naturals cleansing lotion

Handmade Naturals is a Cheshire based artisan brand offering an extensive range of natural skin & hair care products. Their multi-award winning products are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. Each product is hand blended in-house from purely plant based ingredients for superior quality and freshness.



MuLondon skincare

MuLondon is a skincare brand with an impressive list of environmental credentials. As a personal response to eczema and psoriasis, the founder Borris has developed a range of moisturisers and cleansers. Inspired by the medicinal properties of traditional herbalism, pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts are used to scent and preserve the certified organic ingredients.


Filberts of Dorset

Filberts of Dorset craft natural skincare recipes from plant-based ingredients to each perform a distinct function. Their products are all made in Dorset by Filberts beekeepers using British beeswax and infused with a carefully formulated mix of essential oils, locally picked plants and herbs and luxurious butters of shea and coconut all resulting in protective and sometimes indulgent salves and balms. There’s a little bit of Dorset in every recipe.


Welsh Lavender

Welsh Lavender’s Farmers’ foot, face and hand creams, balms and salves are 100% natural and rich in natural plant extracts and Vitamin E. The key ingredient in all of their products is the lavender oil sourced from their own farm, the first lavender farm in Wales. As well as making fantastic natural skincare products, Welsh Lavender also plays host to a wonderful staycation getaway for two. You can now stay in style at their fully renovated pantechnicon overlooking the lavender farm with far-reaching views down the valley.


Naturally Posh

Based in a home workshop in the Northamptonshire countryside, Naturally Posh makes bar soaps. Their products are made from ethically sourced olive oil, coconut oil, virgin organic palm oil, and shea butter. They gently cleanse your skin without drying it out. Naturally Posh founder Susan started making her posh washes as a hobby, finding supermarket soaps still left her skin dry and itchy, she found her solution through a carefully crafted combination of natural ingredients and Naturally Posh was born!


The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. was born out of a desire to produce a 100% natural skincare range that would suit all skin types whilst using the purest of ingredients. From a kitchen table idea around 10 years ago, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. now formulates and produces over 40 personal care products at their dedicated Studio Labs in East Lothian. A unique blend of essential oils is used to enrich each product.