Over the past few months, many of us have been rediscovering some of the simple pleasures in life. Taking time to occupy the hands and refresh the mind has always been a good idea – and that’s why arts & crafts have become so popular.

According to search requests on the Hobbycraft website over the past six weeks, Knitting Projects have gone up 400%, Kids Arts and Crafts have gone up 400% and Macramé has gone up 134%.

So whether it’s a solo pastime, for the children, or for all the family we have put together a list of fantastic brands to inspire your next arts and crafts adventure.

Toft Alpaca

Toft Alpaca started on a family Alpaca farm in Warwickshire. The Alpacas shed their fleece every year and the family manufacture the fleece into yarn.

Their knitting and crochet kits are suitable for all levels and provide everything you need to make your own garments, or even toys.

Currently offering free UK shipping on orders over £50.


Remarkable offer a great range of notebooks and pens, all of which are eco-friendly.

They have been up-cycling waste into products for over twenty-five year and even their machines are made from recycled waste.

If you have suddenly found yourself teaching from home, working from home or trying some sketching and drawing check out their range of pens, pencils and notebooks.

Stitch & Story

Stitch & Story was started by two friends with a passion for arts and crafts. They wanted to make traditional crafts available to a new generation.

You can buy a range of products on their website including knitting and crochet kits, downloadable patterns, yarns and tools. Everything you need to start your knitting adventure!

Currently offering free delivery on orders over £35.


Newclay are based in Devon and make a range of modelling materials and play-dough. They have been making their products on-site for over fifty years.

Their doughs are used extensively in schools, education settings and by hobbyists of all ages. Check out their products and get crafting.

The Crafty Kit Company

The Crafty Kit Company make a range of craft kits from felting to sewing. Their all in one kit is a great way to make something new and exciting.

Their products have everything you need, so don’t worry about getting started with the kids and then realising too late that you don’t have enough glue!

Currently offering free delivery on orders over £30.


Derwent have a long history and have been making pencils in the Lake District since 1832. More recently they have created various innovative Arts and Crafts products.

Their products cover all types of art activities from traditional sketching, coloured charcoal, high quality pens and exciting paint pens.

Currently offering free UK delivery throughout May.

For more inspiration to start your next art & crafts adventure, browse more great brands on YouK.