About YouK

YouK aims to present information about UK-based brands and products over 12 key consumer areas, including everything from butter to sports cars and washing machines to lipsticks.

Every brand and product listed has a YouK Score. The YouK Score is based on factors such as the origin of input materials and the location of design and manufacturing.

Every single brand featured on YouK supports the environment, UK workers, and our public services.

A UK worker is anybody of any race, religion, nationality, colour, gender, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability or marital status, who works in the UK legally.

  • Buying as local as possible lowers your impact on the environment.
  • Every purchase of goods ‘made in the UK’ helps support UK jobs
  • In turn, the taxes paid by workers and companies pays for our UK public services

In short, every time you choose a product made in the UK, everyone in the UK wins. 

You can use YouK to:

  • Find new brands to browse and shop
  • Make shopping lists for in-store visits
  • Comment on and rate products
  • Identify brands which have the product you are looking for
  • Get news about product areas of interest to you

Local Businesses

YouK covers around 95% by value of all ‘made in the UK’ consumer goods, but across the UK there are tens of thousands of smaller businesses with terrific products – tell us and we will add them in.

Can’t Find something?

Occasionally, it’s simple: a product isn’t made in the UK. But if you do make that product (or are going to!) let us know and we will add it in.


Our UK Product Score system fills a gap and provides consumers with relevant information. Contact us if you are an Economist specialising in this area.

Go to YouK to see how your favourite brands score!