It’s always great to update your wardrobe, especially with the change of seasons. But, sometimes it’s difficult to find sustainable brands that use responsible materials and processes to make their clothes. To make this easier for you, we have selected our favourite guilt-free, sustainable brands which will suit any wardrobe.

Finisterre: Clothing & Accessories

Born from the needs of hardy British surfers battling England’s rocky coast, Finisterre designs functional and sustainable products for those that love of the sea.

Finisterre chooses fabrics to create the best possible products and they have stringent standards. Products must be long-lasting, fit for purpose and have a minimal environmental impact. Central to this mission is circular sourcing, which includes renewable and recyclable textiles and biodegradable natural fibres and finishes.

Finisterre also employs a strict waste policy; The Finisterre Fabric Use-Up Project solves the problem of unused quality fabric leftover from production. Finisterre’s range of accessories including wallets, wash bags, hats and totes, largely use repurposed material, thus fulfilling their promise to design sustainably.

Riley Studio: Clothing & Accessories

Riley Studio is on a mission to make conscious consumerism the norm. Their range of gender-neutral staples is kind to the planet and goes beyond seasonal trends.

Every item of clothing made impacts the environment. Riley Studio takes its role as a producer seriously. They believe they can minimise this impact by creating durable and versatile pieces that can stand the test of time.

Riley Studio source the most innovative and sustainable materials in the market. Moreover, they always look for recycled options first, utilising what’s already on this planet. Their range currently uses recycled polyester which diverts plastic bottles from landfill and ECONYL yarn, a form of regenerated nylon made from discarded fishing nets, amongst other natural and recycled materials.

Accordingly, Riley Studio has recycled 5,321 plastic bottles and saved 2,075,129 litres of water and 3,257 litres of oil by using recycled materials.

Elvis & Kresse: Accessories

Elvis & Kresse began in 2005 after its founders learned that the London Fire Brigade sent their decommissioned hoses to landfill. They take inspiration from kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold; Elvis & Kresse take worn out, discarded materials and transform them into luxury lifestyle accessories

For over a decade, none of London’s fire-hoses has gone to landfill and over 175 tons of material has been reclaimed. Elvis & Kresse also partnered with the Burberry Foundation in 2017 to tackle the problem of leather waste. This means at least 120 tonnes of Burberry’s surplus leather will be recrafted into new, luxury items by Elvis & Kresse.

What’s more, Elvis & Kresse re-distributes up to 50% of profits to projects and charities related to the materials they reclaim. The brand donates half of the profits from their fire hose range to the Fire Fighters Charity. Donations have also been made to WWF, Help for Heroes, Comic Relief and the British Forces Foundation.

All in all, Elvis & Kresse’s pieces are honest, genuine and practical; they make the kind of belt you leave on your favourite jeans and the bag you can’t leave home without.

RubyMoon: Swimwear & Activewear

If you’re seeking out some winter sun or a new pair of leggings for the gym, look to RubyMoon. Their exclusive prints are created by Sarah Arnett, a local decorative artist.

RubyMoon uses waste nylon and plastics that would eventually find their way into our food chain. Their garments are durable, soft, fully opaque, chlorine and saltwater resistant; they have long term shape retention and UPF 50+ Protection, PETA-Approved Vegan and Oeko-Tex certified.

The activewear brand also helps women set up and grow businesses across the globe, investing 100% of profits in business loans for women. RubyMoon’s collaboration with provides loans and business training to female entrepreneurs, enabling them to break generational cycles of poverty. 

Lara Intimates: Underwear

Lara Intimates believe all women deserve to own perfectly fitting, sustainable bras. So they created an inclusive range of bras (think sizes 26A-36I) from responsibly sourced deadstock fabric. They also operate a zero-waste policy for offcut materials.

Every Lara item is made in their all-female factory in London; the sustainable brand dreamt of reinvigorating the female manufacturing industry in the UK and are working to make this a reality, starting with a small team of all-female seamstresses.

Lara Intimates believe that the most sustainable fabric choice is using a material that already exists. Large brands and factories send millions of tonnes of unused textiles to landfill by every year; Lara Intimates use this deadstock material to produce their lingerie, working with a UK supplier who sources perfect and unused luxury lingerie fabrics that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

When you’re replacing an item in your wardrobe, remember to donate it if it’s still in wearable condition. Alternatively, find a way to repurpose the material. For example, cutting up cotton t-shirts will give you several long-lasting rags for washing and cleaning. There are also many textile recycling bins across the country that you can use.

Finally, if you’re looking for other ethical and sustainable brands, YouK also lists brands according to their credentials, including Fairtrade, Organic, Vegan and Rainforest Alliance.

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