Why not get household essentials delivered to your door from smaller UK companies? You will be helping them survive, taking the pressure off supermarkets, and helping to keep the postie in work! For many items, you may even find that you can arrange local pickup.

Click on the items below and select the exact product you want from many options, from any location.

All products are from UK companies, all purchases will help the UK get through these tough economic times, and support jobs.

Breakfast Cereal

It is important that we keep up our normal routine, starting with breakfast! Check out the wonderful range of over 100 different cereals made locally in the UK, ranging from Muesli to Granola to Porridge. These are great high energy products that keep a long time.

Soap Bars

Choose from 62 different UK brands! These are generally very high-quality alternatives to international brands. Try these brands instead of going to the supermarket. Support the associated jobs and the farms producing the raw ingredients.

Image: Conchus Soap

Tea & Coffee

For many, these are the ultimate essentials! Select from UK brands which blend, roast and package in the UK, also scored by their treatment of their overseas workers and suppliers. It is unthinkable that tea and coffee supplies will become scarce, but we might all have a bit more time to try a different cuppa!


Choose from 56 different UK brands, many with strong ecological credentials. Let’s keep up our hygiene and self-care routines! Many of these companies have invested a lot in starting up a small business and need your support now.


The pubs are badly hit – so let’s keep the brewing industry going so that things can start up quickly again. Support your local brewers – with over 690 local brewers across the UK, most people will have many local options – some very close indeed. With over 100 types of beer brewed across the UK, the options are fantastic, and nobody does it better.

Image: Jaw Brew


Give the kids some new jams to try out as well as the old favourites. Jams keep well when they are stored in a cupboard, so stock up! As you would expect, the UK has hundreds of local producers, offering 27 different jam types. These are often rural cottage industries, and helping them out will be a great boost – we are all in it together. Ever tried Medlar jam?


Not only is the UK wine industry booming, but there is also a stack of award winners! The variety on offer is also exceptional: Sparkling Whites, Rosé for when we finally welcome the spring weather, Extra Brut, taste packed Reds, Dry Coastal Whites… Check out these 325 wines from a wide range of vineyards. Just the thing to lift the spirit.

Image: Bolney Estate

Hand Cream

All that hand washing will dry out even the youngest of skins. Here are all 63 UK manufactured hand creams to keep your hands healthy. The UK is a hotbed of creativity in this area, with innovative use of natural minerals and oils, seaweeds and other local materials.

Image: Cowshed


Support local farms from your armchair. All kinds of cuts of meats delivered fresh to your door from hundreds of local field-to-farm options. Producers are still going strong and have lots of capacity, often offering attractive bulk packages. Use some now, and make good use of your freezer.

Image: Coombe Farm Organics

Cleaning Products

The UK is very strong in brands that produce effective and eco-friendly cleaning products – many supplying in bulk. Check out these tried and tested brands, and keep on top of the kitchen, bathroom, and all other household cleaning jobs.

Image: Delphis

Gluten-Free Food

Maybe you have to cater to family or friends who are coeliac? Gluten-Free is difficult to get at the best of times, so here are all 129 brands producing gluten-free foods in the UK. The variety of foods covered is quite exceptional, and these brands are both a business and a vocation, often started by individuals who need Gluten Free themselves!

Face Moisturisers

Many of us will be stuck indoors for a lot of the day. Keep your skin nourished with any of the products from these 56 small UK companies. They will be having a hard time coping, and your support will make a huge difference. Let’s stop their jobs going under – it is so much more difficult to create a job in the future than it is to save one now.

Image: MuLondon